Zeppelin Bot's Best Features and Alternatives

Discord Bots Nov 9, 2022

Over the last couple of months, there have been rapid changes and updates to Discord bots. Hence, innovative and creative developers take one step to make a giant leap for discord users. Today, we will be taking a closer look at Zeppelin Bot along with its features and alternatives.

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About the bot

Zeppelin is a private moderation bot for Discord, designed with large servers and reliability in mind. As told, it is mainly focused on moderation and has a vast number of features related to Discord moderation. Let us read some info about the bot before getting into the features.

Bot Prefix: !
Bot Type & No. Of Actions: Moderation | 24+
Open Source: Yes, Click here


  • Extensive automoderator features (automod)
  • Word filters, spam detection, etc.
  • Detailed moderator action tracking and notes (cases)
  • Customizable server logs
  • Tags/custom commands
  • Reaction roles
  • Tons of utility commands, including a granular member search
  • Full configuration via a web dashboard
  • Override specific settings and permissions on e.g. a per-user, per-channel, or per-permission-level basis
  • Bot-managed slowmodes
  • Automatically switches between native slowmodes (for 6h or less) and bot-enforced (for longer slowmodes)
  • Starboard

How to Use

Basically, you would have to read through the documentation first before getting started. Take a look at the commands available, and how to use them. The permissions needed are also included in the card

Next, there are vast plugins available, which should be added to plugin configuration in order to function. This allows you to take advantage of the bot by selecting or choosing certain features that are right for your server.


Companion channels
Locate user
Mod actions
Pingable roles
Role buttons
Self-grantable roles
Time and date
Welcome message

Inviting Zeppelin

For now, Zeppelin Bot is not readily available to add to your discord server. You would have to request access, following the instructions. You can also self-host the open-sourced version.


  • The server has at least 5,000 total members
  • or the server is partnered or verified
  • or you are a bot operator, i.e. have dashboard access, for an existing Zeppelin server. In this case, you must be a member of the staff on the new server as well

Information acquired from the official Zeppelin Discord server: discord.gg/Zeppelin.


Although Zeppelin is a great moderation discord bot, there are some great alternatives that you can use to enhance your moderation system in your discord server. As told, this is because you cannot add the bot just like you add other bots. You would have to request and get access to it so that you could use the bot.


Sapphire is one of the few public bots today that is up to date-with the latest features and comes with unmatchable customizability options. Besides the provision to tweak every single message the bot sends to your server - with the help of message components and a pinch of creativity - you can create eye-candy info messages that users will love to fidget with! Strict moderation, neat action logs as forum posts, editing messages right from the dashboard, social media notifications, flexible custom commands and what not for free!

Add Sapphire here
Read the Sapphire guide by Messyhunk here


Xela is a powerful discord bot that provides basic MEE6 and Ticket features for free along with easier and smoother moderation ranging from. All for the cost of $0. The neat part is that you could transfer MEE6 levels to Xela and have more customizable options for the same.

Website: xela.dev

Concluding, Zeppelin is a great bot that is on its way to success. Currently, it is private and only certain people can access it. But it is not that it will remain private forever, it will be released once the bot's features and functions are completely well developed.

This article was not sponsored by, affiliated with, or in any way influenced or paid promoted by Zeppelin

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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