Wick Bot is Now Overpowered With Security

Discord Oct 3, 2022

Wick Bot is a security-focused Discord bot that helps you keep your server safe from bad people or hackers. Wick is one of the most advanced and powerful anti-raid security bots for Discord. Over 337,000 servers including some of the largest Discord servers on the platform, use Wick.

So what’s new in this version? For starters, they’ve completely redesigned the website. Their dashboard is also now much more user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The latest version, Wick Bot v5, introduces several new features and improvements, including reports, custom logging, message actions, channel verification mode, forums support, and more.

How to enable the latest update?

To start using Wick V5's new features, you need to go to the new dashboard, select the server and you shall see a red (or yellow) notice telling you to enable the V5 flag. Once that is enabled, Wick will automatically port over your old statics and translate them to Custom Permits (So, your Extra Owners, Trusted Admins, Wick Mods and Wick Admins are gonna be saved, don't worry).

Click on "Yes" to enable the latest update on your server.

To give you the gist of all the updates here:

  • New Dashboard
  • New Public Website
  • New Docs Website
  • Setup Wizard
  • Custom Permits
  • Slash Commands and User Actions
  • Automatic Rescue Process
  • Reports
  • Channel Verification Mode
  • Forums Support

Let's take all the topics and updates one by one.

Note: At the time of writing this article, Wick also released their v5.1.0 update. We have taken some of the important features from the latest update as well.

New Dashboard

The new dashboard has completely been revamped. The UI is very clean compared to some other bot dashboards. The Menu is placed along the left side of the screen with important options.

The New Dashboard

New Public Website

The same goes for the website too. They are sticking to a colour combo which goes great in both light mode and dark mode.

Dark Mode Website 
Light Mode Website

New Docs Website

There is also a new, updated docs website which can help you set up and get the bot running for your server.

🔗Link for the Docs Website: docs.wick.bot

Docs Website

Setup Wizard

Since many users complained that Wick was too difficult to set up, now they have upgraded themselves with a new automatic setup wizard that analyses your server and provides you interactive options for each step.

Wizard Front Page | Source: Wick Changelog
They also added a recovery feature in case you lose access to Wick in your server

Custom Permits

The most requested feature. Now you can manage and create your own permission levels. You can create a permit, name it whatever you want and give it specific permissions.

Custom Permits Page | Source: Wick Changelog

There are 2 kinds of blocks, the darker blocks are Enforced Permits, which are Wick's own permits that it can't live without. That is the Extra Owner and Trusted Admin permits. You can only add users to these permits, not entire roles. The other type of permits are optional/manageable permits, these are the ones you can tweak permission-wise. You can only add roles to these permits

Slash Commands and User Actions

Since Message intents are now privileged intents ( which you can read about here), many bots including Wick have shifted to a better Slash Commands system rather than the traditional prefix system.

The End of An Era: Message Content is now a Privileged Intent
As of 1st September 2022, all message content in Discord will be privileged intent. This means that message content will only be accessible to bots that have explicit user permission to request it.
Slash Commands
All slash commands only work if you have the V5 flag enabled in the dashboard.

You can also right-click someone, go to Apps and quickly choose one of Wick's moderation actions, it'll happen instantly without any time wasting. The options include Ban, Kick, Quarantine, Timeout Sanitize and Dehoist.

Apps | Source: Wick Changelog

Then you can just add a reason which is optional.

Quick Action Reason | Source: Wick Changelog

Automatic Rescue Process

You now can get your rescue key from Wick's wizard process. If you lose control over Wick, there's now a process that allows you to recover Wick ownership.

Rescue Page | Source : Wick Changelog
Final Rescue Stage | Source: Wick Changelog

Now these updates are from v5.1.0 which is the latest version you can get which includes new features and bug fixes.


You can now report messages through Wick and your staff members would receive a full report log with different methods and actions that offer a fast experience in dealing with issues.

You can jump to the message, delete it or dismiss the whole report. You can on top of that also warn/timeout/kick/ban the reported member anytime.

Apps > Report Message
Reason Field | Source : Wick Changelog

Channel Verification Mode

As this was heavily requested, you can now make Wick handle the verification process entirely in the verification channel, no DMs and no redirection to another website. The verification channel will always remain clean as all verification messages will be hidden from the public and only visible to the person verifying.

Verification in Channel | Source: Wick Changelog

Forums support

Wick's automod now also supports Forums which were recently released by Discord. If you don't know anything about Forums go check out this article by Roonie:

Forum Channels on Discord are Finally Out for Everyone
Discord Forum Channels after being tested for months, are now finally out for everyone. Forum channels are a revolutionary way for Discord communities to organize their conversation.

There is a lot of new stuff introduced to Wick that will take too long and make it boring. I'll let you guys discover them when you go to the website ;)

For the record, this article was not endorsed, collaborated with, partnered with, or in any way directly influenced by the WickBot team. That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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