Could WhatsApp Be Discord's Next Community Rival?

Discord News Nov 16, 2022

Technology has filled our hearts with joy and lives today are considerably more manageable. Gone are the times of sending a transporter pigeon to a friend when you need to contact them (or a daily SMS message) — we have Discord and WhatsApp now!

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Main Difference Between Discord And WhatsApp

Both Discord and WhatsApp are platforms aimed at allowing people to communicate with each other quickly and effectively. However, one is majorly different from the other...

Discord allows you to join virtual communities and is designed for people who love mainly gaming and other common interests.
WhatsApp is simply a replacement for traditional SMS and phone calls, no matter what your interests are.

Discord servers are like private social networks, while WhatsApp acts mostly as a replacement app for traditional text messages. The fundamental difference between the two is that WhatsApp is predominantly used to convey two-way discussions, while Discord is for larger groups of people to discuss anything, but mainly common interests.

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When researching for this article, I found this piece from that compares Discord and WhatsApp on a point-based scale. It's really interesting to look at, personally!

Discord vs WhatsApp: What is the difference?
What is the difference between WhatsApp and Discord? Find out which is better and their overall performance in the messaging app ranking.

WhatsApp's New Community Feature

WhatsApp has been working diligently to develop Communities; a significant update to how individuals will interact with each other on WhatsApp in the conversations that make a difference to them. WhatsApp designers formally carried out their new "Communities" feature on the stage around the world and what will be accessible to everybody throughout the following couple of months, as indicated by WhatsApp's Official blog.

WhatsApp presented its new feature by saying, "Communities like areas, guardians at a school, and work environments can now interface different gatherings together under one umbrella to coordinate gathering discussions on WhatsApp."

You can check out the full article  by WhatsApp to figure out more about this feature:

Communities Now Available!
Communities Now Available! As we shared earlier this year, we’ve been hard at work building Communities, a major update to how p...

Users can switch between the numerous sub-groups once inside a community. Important updates can only be published to the entire community by community admins.

While group admins will be able to delete offensive or abusive discussions or media for all members of a group, community admins can also unlink groups from the community and remove specific users from it.

Messages forwarded more than once will now only be sent to one group at a time, as opposed to the prior restriction of five groups, with the introduction of Communities.

Battle Began

As we called attention to right off the bat in this article, "Discord permits you to join virtual networks". This plainly gets out whatever the fundamental objective of Discord. However, WhatsApp just entered this community-based correspondence via their new "Communities" feature on the stage.

The feature can be challenging for Discord. Since WhatsApp right now has more dynamic clients than Discord, WhatsApp can undoubtedly make the "Community" feature include an impact on their platform.

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What are your thoughts on WhatsApp's new Communities feature?

I think it could be a game-changer for their app, but Discord better watches their backs...
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