Fatal Discord Bugs You Are Not Aware Of

Discord Oct 6, 2022

Today we will have a look at some of the bugs that are faced by a lot of people yet are underrated and remain unaddressed. 

Sudden Spike in Data Usage?

Reddit has recently received 2 highly upvoted posts relating to an anomaly related to the Discord mobile app. A sudden spike in data usage even when in an unused state. What could we possibly conclude?

Deduction 1: Loading media while the app is idle.
Media received on their discord client were passively downloaded from the chat. Said media could be 100 MBS as of now for a nitro user, 10-11 of them could easily build up a gigabyte. I keep loading media turned off, I would recommend you do the same too.

Deduction 2: The problem with gifs
Gifs being of very ancient format are often compressed inefficiently and incorrectly, which is why many sites convert them to webm or mp4 and autoplay them. Discord was also found to do the same with some of the tenor gifs.

Deduction 3: Are Youtube or embedded videos running in the background?
A lot of people around the internet pointed out that maybe after the late discord update, YouTube videos that were not manually paused kept on playing in the background. We see slight distortions in the data usage in the second image too, could that be because of differing qualities? In that case, it seems like a discord bug.

Deduction 4: You dozed off during a call.
It is common for us to be in a call, vc or screen share mode and forget about it. It might be the same here, that the user was in a call with someone and then forgot to end the call before going AFK. Yet this is less likely to happen since the amount of data usage shown in the chart is way too much for even a 12-hour call.

Even after all these deductions, this is a clear bug and in any case discord as an app should not be consuming so much data, in such a short period.

Discord’s Love for Batteries

The IOS Problem :

Sudden drainage of batteries spotted as shared on Reddit | Source

This user slept with a 100% battery and at about 2 am got a call from a friend. The next morning, the user awoke to find the phone's entire battery drained out.
In the same post, many users affirmed that the same thing happened to them as well, and all of them used iPhones. So what exactly is happening here?

Some of the users added that they noticed that once in a while, after getting a call from discord, their whole phone bugs out. This is because it stays on the caller screen for a very long time. Similarly, in this case, we see the graph being irregular up until 2 am. A sudden fall occurs until it reaches 0 and then it turns off. This must be when the screen jammed and the user was just having a good time sleeping.

Services often get butchered when forced to integrate with Apple Services especially Webkit on the Google app. Previously, disabling Callkit was not even an option! And you can see how many people were frustrated with such a feature. There are still problems with the integration of the call kit.

 ・Visit the related support ticket
 ・Another article with staff's comment.

Now you can simply navigate to Settings -> Notifications -> Toggle off  “Integrate calls with Phone App”. If you have it disabled, incoming calls will be sent as a push notification. This will also solve the bug that we studied in the original post.

The Android Problem:

Heavy drainage of battery as reported by an Android user | Source
Discord moment.

As a result of the update where Discord combined the Android and IOS codebases to make the development process easier in the future, some users experienced heavy battery drain. This particular user claimed that he turned off battery optimisation for Discord intentionally, to prevent the app from getting killed for inactivity. He claimed that things were better with the last update. This is probably a bug that users experienced during the early stages of release. It is likely to get fixed soon if not already.

What With Crooked Profile Pictures

Having resolved the buggy roles: the white border on them and the mess where server emojis could be used on the bio of a non-nitro user, it was time for the pfps to start shifting and dropping. It is just another CSS mess up, while many claimed this became a common problem for people with the $9.99 Nitro. People with the classic are safe. The first cat just wanted to eat the green dot, while the second wanted to hide its name, huh bad bug hunters!

Well folks that's a wrap. I hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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