How To Make Timestamps in Discord Messages

Discord Sep 11, 2022

Managing timed events in an online community is hard because of the vast differences in time zones among the members. In such a community sending updates that mentions a specific time or date has been an hassle.

However, it is possible to format and embed interactive and self adapting timestamps into your messages that adapt to the timezone of the user viewing the message.

What are Discord Timestamps?

Discord timestamps are a new way to format time into your messages. Discord uses ISO8601 format for date and time management in their systems. Discord Timestamps can be formatted into simple messages on Discord or even embeds. These timestamps contain a date or time which are specially visible to all members according to their timezone and are interactive.

For those interested more on the technical side of the Discord Timestamp Syntax, here is a comprehensible guide.

Discord Timestamp Syntax
Discord Timestamp Syntax. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

How to make Timestamps on Discord

It's easy to make timestamps on Discord. These timestamps can be simply typed out but it's easier if we use a generator. For this tutorial we are going to be using

Step 1: Pick the date and time

Visit the website and pick the date and time for the timestamp.

Step 2: Pick the style/format

Each style is useful for different scenarios. Make sure you use the best one depending on what the situation you are using it for.

In case you're wondering what the different formats look like:

Step 3: Copy paste the code in your message

And you're done!

Where to use Discord Timestamps?

  • Announcing events, competitions, and more. You can use adapting timestamps so everyone knows when your event starts in their local time.
  • About Mes/Bios to show your online time, work hours, or time you are unavailable.
  • Bots commands' embeds to show uptime or other relative information
  • Important dates such as when the server was created to be shown in the information channel.

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