MEE6 Refuses To Follow its Own TOS

Discord Bots Dec 29, 2022

MEE6 is known for being one of the early bot in the Discord platform with a humble beginning. Mainly, MEE6 is focused on improving moderation in your Discord server. At the current time, MEE6 is in over 19,500,000 servers. If MEE6 is so popular, why do people say a lot of hateful things about MEE6?

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MEE6 As A Music Bot?

In September 2021, popular Discord music bots such as Rythm and Groovy has been taken down for breaking YouTube's API Terms of Service. If you brake any ToS of another platform which is YouTube in this scenario, that breaks Discord's Developer Terms of Service also. According this, It means that all music bots should be banned from the Discord platform. Right?

Simply, Discord changed its policies and didn't ban any of its music bots. Discord unverified all the bots that are breaking YouTube's API TOS.

The Original Message Was Posted by des (FredBoat developer) About Discord Policy Changes.

But Why MEE6 Is A Still Verified Bot?

If you're using the MEE6 bot, you can still run all the commands related to the music plugin and yes, MEE6 is a verified bot still in Discord. MEE6 is breaking YouTube API ToS and Discord Developer ToS. Technically MEE6 should be unverified as all the other bots. But for some reason Discord is not doing it.

MEE6 DM's You Unsolicited Advertisements?

The Original Screenshot Was Posted by u/GeekyDeity On r/discordapp.

This is a screenshot of some user getting a DM message by MEE6 saying, "Vote me on and get 20% more XP". If the MEE6 is the largest bot in the Discord platform, why do they need to increase their votes? Is this some kind of advertising or marketing?

Yes, This is. A tweet done by (Discord app developer), pointed out that these MEE6 DM's advertising/marketing is directly breaking the Discord Bot Developer ToS.

The Original Tweet Was Posted by

In the MEE6 Official Support Server, a Discord user named Sh1nYhUnT3R27 pointed out this DM advertising thing that he got in the #community-support channel.

The Report Was Done By A Discord user named Sh1nYhUnT3R27.

One of the senior moderators named Jolly Jerry replied to this report by publicly saying,

According to him, the only way to disable these advertising DMs is by disabling the level plugin or enabling the bot personalizer. Most of the Discord users are using MEE6 for its leveling plugin. But, when you disable that, there is no use for the bot. And the other method that he pointed out (enabling the bot personalizer) requests the premium version of the bot that you need to pay for.

The Twitter Conversation Between Jerry (Senior Mod in MEE6 Support Server) and Panley (Discord App Developer).

In this above conversation, it's clear that MEE6 developers obviously know how the Discord developer ToS works but, they seem to not care about that.

Final Conclusion!

As we pointed out early in this article, Discord and MEE6 have really close relationship among them. Because MEE6 is the largest moderation bot in the platform. But currently, MEE6 does a lot of actions that break the Discord developer ToS as we pointed out here. In my personal opinion, Discord now needs to take action on this.

In the end, we are not saying you to stop using MEE6. Because it is all your decision. If your looking for other top alternative bots for MEE6, the website can provide you best resources.

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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