3 Things Discord Should Add To Make Media Sharing Better

Discord Dec 13, 2022

Discord makes it easy for thousands of people around the world to come together and interact with each other. Media has always been a salient feature in all chat applications today. There are a few things that can be done to improvise Discord's Media-Sharing part better. Let us look at each of them in detail.

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A simple demonstration

Discord has a simple way to upload media as every app does.

A button -> File menu -> Uploading the selected file -> Sending it to a user/community where everyone can see

We will take you in detail on this topic based on the simple demonstration shown above.

Disadvantages of Discord's Media Sharing

User Experience (a) Not reliable/Unorganized (Long messages caused by too much of images/spam)
Upload Limits (b) Not Sufficient in several cases
Explicit Media Filter (c) False-Positives, Reduction in Usability
Wondering about the presence of alphabets beside each subdivision? It is nothing but a tool to help you to understand that each solution we confess belongs to a certain flaw.

Example: (a) Topic belongs to (a) solution


(a) Media Mosaic

Sharing a number of images at once floods the chat a lot and would be a lot better if it formed a gallery/mosaic of the sent images to keep it minimal. According to our research, discord is currently working on rolling out this feature across the platform.

Source: Netcord Images and Membership Thumbnail

The platform we are writing the articles, even now - Ghost.org supports the feature and allows us to put a bunch of images and display them as a gallery. Here is a live demo that might give you an idea of the same.

According to a source from the Discord Datamine, engineers at Discord have enabled a new experiment on the 8th of December, 2022, in regards to this exact feature.

(b) A slight increase in upload limits.

Discord recently increased the tiny limit (8 MB) to 20 MB which is quite good, but on the other hand, our devices start pulling the rope in the opposite direction.

  • Mobile Phones capture simple and light images that has a size of above 10MB itself. Hence, it is difficult for users to upload any picture/video of their choice. Everytime they either have to compress it or not send them at all which ruins the usability of the app.
  • Compared to other chat applications Discord provides a little dissatisfying limit if we observe
WhatsApp Telegram Facebook WeChat
100 MB 1.5 GB 25 MB 25 MB

Some things we could do to manage for now is to:

Some things we could do to manage for now is to Compress files to send them. There are several online compressors or even apps that you could use.

Or to send any Images/Videos without making the receiver difficult to view or receive is to Decrease the resolution of the images .

Netcord focuses on the quality and size of images so much as it is very important for us to optimize them for viewers but yet we try to make the thumbnails and other images of the best quality but manage to keep it within the limit lol

(c) Better Explicit Media Filter

Surprisingly, a large number of users have started complaining about the Explicit Media Filter due to its False Positives and other issues. Some common issues might be faced by most of the users including you.

  • At most times, Discord identifies figures with Eyes as Explict and blocks the message

  • Once the message is blocked, it is permanently blocked

One way for Discord to get rid of this problem is to just simply fix it and allow common SFW images/videos to be sent. There are other ways which Discord might consider if you request them, or catch their attention on the internet (Reddit, Discord Support).  

For example, to avoid false positives and freely allow SFW images, Discord could allow the image to be sent but mark the image as NSFW and censor it if it thinks so. The user who receives it can decide whether to view it or not by himself/herself.

Our filter can be a little wonky at times! You can try cropping the image and see if that helps at all. If you are the owner of the server, you can also go into Server Settings > Moderation and toggle Explicit Media Content Filter to a lower setting.

Discord posted this tweet replying to users suffering from this issue on November 9th sharing some tips to overcome this issue.

Concluding, the Media-Mosaic feature might show its appearance anytime in Discord. As this will be an effective improvisation to make Media-Sharing easy and reliable for communication. And due to the increased amount of users complaining about Discord's current Explicit Media Filter, it might push them to fix the flaws and hit the nail on the head as soon as possible. But according to my research, I don't know if Discord will place its hands on the Upload Limits for now.

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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