How To Revert The Latest Discord Android Update

Discord Aug 26, 2022

The latest Android update for Discord (140.21) introduced us to some questionable changes. Changes that were not exactly appreciated by the Discord community over the internet.

With the code-transition from Kotlin to React Native like iOS, Discord hoped to bring a faster, more reliable with updates experience. If you'd like to learn more about it, consider reading this article by us.

Discord Faces Massive Backlash For Their Latest Update
Discord makes their transition to React Native after serving Discord Android with Kotlin for years. Community is not too happy with the update.

Since a lot of the community disliked the new Android update so much, here's a guide on how to revert the update so you can get back with your old ways of using Discord Android.

1/2. Uninstall Discord and Stop Auto-Updates on Play Store

Uninstall the current version of Discord which you (hopefully) downloaded from Google Play Store. Make sure you save your emails, login info, passwords, 2FA backup codes, and anything that might be connected to the Discord Android app directly.

How to disable auto-updates for Discord:

  • Search for 'Discord' on Play Store on your Android device
  • Tap the 3-dots at the top right of your app screen
  • Uncheck ☑️ Enable auto-update

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2/2. Download Previous Version of Discord APK

I've had a hard time looking for the stable version prior to the RN update. As of writing this article, the latest is 140.21 - Stable released in August 24th. Since the update was announced on August 1st, the update right before that should have the old UI and everything just like it was before the RN update. The stable version you are looking for is 126.21. Let's go over how to install it.

  • Search Discord 126.21 APK on your web browser app in your Android device
  • Click on the search result from
  • Go through the download steps and install the APK that you just downloaded
  • you're good to go!

Open the app, log in to your Discord account and you will be able to see that the changes were reverted.

Is this safe?

  • APK mirror is guaranteed by Android Police so this source is pretty trustworthy and also many users have no problem after download APK file from APK mirror's website. It is recommended by many Android developers and
  • APK mirror does not allow modified APK packages in their site. These APKs are pure files from the official Play Store versions. Downloading from here would be like as if you never updated your app. Again, very safe.

Is this against ToS?

  • This should not be against ToS. You aren't modifying any Discord client, you are just using an older official version.

Why should or shouldn't I revert the update?

Through this article we are not recommending anything. It is simply a tutorial for those that may require it. If you wish to revert the old version of Discord Android, it is completely up to you.

Thanks to this Reddit post by u/noiceFTW.

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