Profile Views Is Coming To Discord – But Why?

Discord Aug 29, 2022
New Discord Datamine commits suggest that a 'profile views' count feature is coming to Discord.

On August 22, 2022, Discord-datamining commit brought new string variable suggesting the addition of a new feature. This new 'Profile View Count' feature is going to fill the missing 'social-media' feel of Discord – which not everyone may like. And today's we're discussing everything we know so far about it.

Profile Views – Your profile's on fire 🔥

There isn't much information public about this feature as this is a completely brand new experiment by Discord.

Discord Profile Views Notification (Source)

On a recent datamine post from the Discord Datamining GitHub repository, new variables have emerged with the following names.

The community has a lot of questions about this upcoming feature, and we'll try our best to answer them.

From the screenshots shown above and the datamining comments, it is certain this feature is real. Discord is indeed working on this feature. However, it is also worth noting that this is just an experiment. If this feature ever goes public (yes it also might not) it may look a little different from the screenshots shown here and the information may be outdated.

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Community Response 👇

and tons more!

Where is the count shown?

From what we've seen about this feature, it does not look like the profile view is publicly visible to everyone – yet. Sources of the screenshots say they randomly saw the notification when they opened their profile.

Can I see who viewed my profile?

Fortunately, the views are limited to the count. No one can see who are the absolute individuals that viewed your profile. It's just the numbers.

Source of this information is Discord Employee u/xtina0001 on a different thread said the following:

Discord staff denying that Discord would never reveal who viewed your profile

What's the ultimate goal for Discord?

It is certainly a topic to think about. The views aren't public so does that mean Discord gets the short end of the stick with this?

Our guess is that they will try to advertise profile customizations that make the profile more attractive in order for you to get more views. Ultimately suggesting you to buy Discord Nitro so that you can access the attractive settings like profile banners, animated icon and banner, Nitro badges, etc.

What's your thought on this? Be sure to let us know.

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