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7 Pro Tricks To Get Graphic Design Clients Fast

Graphic Design Jul 20, 2022

Finding clients is hard. Finding graphic design clients is even harder. Freelancing has gotten more and more popular over the years. And some skilled freelancers are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

The best part? You can even work from home. Graphic designing does not take super expensive digital items, all you need to get started is a laptop or PC that is able to run Photoshop or any design software.

I know lots of skilled designers that make great designs but are having trouble finding a gig. Today, I will share some tactics to get graphic design clients to order from you. These strategies are proven to work by either me or skilled graphic designers.

Join & Participate Design Communities

Graphic Design is a niche itself but there are many types of Graphic Designs, and for every niche there is a Discord server.

Communities like The Spot and Design Buddies offer a whole new world for you to hone your design skills and to find clients.

These communities have channels where individuals or design agencies often post job offerings.

Build Your Portfolio

As someone wise once said:

"Your portfolio is not just a place to showcase your works, it is a place to convert visitors into clients"

It is really important that you put your best foot forward. It is always better to have the clients come to you rather than you going to them. Make sure you are easy to get in touch with.

Make sure that your portfolio is the best it can be. You need to make sure you are the perfect person for the job in your expertise.

What are you selling? Be sure to know exactly what you are providing your clients. Do you provide the project files?

What can or can't the clients do with your designs? Can they use them for a different purpose than it was originally commissioned for?

Questions like these should not be asked twice and you should have a clear answer to them in your services.

Cost Depends On Client

One reason I like Philosophy is that it puts us in some difficult situations where we aren't exactly sure which path is the correct one. These moral dilemmas often puts in situations sometimes very close to talking to a client.

Which is why, a ton of people justify people in need stealing from large corporations. Stealing things like baby food, diapers, period products, etc. Which is also why, tons of people justify piracy of digital content. Which are complex topics and a lot factors in.

The same way, this question arises: How much should you charge for a logo? It depends on your skills, the type of logo, and the type of business they have. And its not just because of the significance of their brand. When you're building a logo for a registered business, there's a lot that goes into the logo after you've designed it.

After you're paid for it, they still have to pay tons and tons of money for the printing of packaging, digital banners, pamphlets, and more. Redesigning a logo will cost a lot more. This is why you are paid more for a logo of a large corporation. The value it is attached with is much more than the price you are paid. Whereas a small independent business owner will probably refuse to give you that large sum of money because the value attached to the business is not as high.

Build A Great Social Presence

If a client wants to commission you for a design, they will go through your socials (if you have them in your portfolio). There, make sure you have a professional presence.

Extra points if you have a dedicated audience looking forward to your designs.

Ask For Feedback & Recommendations

The potential of networking is through the roof. Clients looking for graphic design usually have a lot of connections. If you do a great job you are proud of, feel free to ask for feedback and ask them to recommend you to anyone in need of a graphic designer they might encounter.

Anyways, that's all for today. Tip of the day: do not undervalue your services.

Exposure is not a means of pay.

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