Pro Tips to Run An Online Community Like A Pro

Discord Jul 15, 2022

Online communities. We know it, we love it. And some of us even run it. Thousands of brands are migrating their community from platforms like Telegram to a more polished community-space like Discord.

Here are some great tips to run a Discord community server or a community general smoothly. Hope you enjoy the article.

Join other communities and observe

Competitor or not, join the communities within your reach. Whether you are active there or not, is not the point. The point is to learn what they're doing. This step can and should be done even before starting to build the community itself.

Learn what they are doing that's keeping their community intact. Don't be afraid to go cross-platform. A community, alongside it's Discord server, may also have a Twitter account, a SubReddit, or other social platforms.

It is also recommended that you keep your activity in those communities, build connections, and network.

Don't always rely on public opinion

Running a lot of polls lately? Can't decide whether something is good for your community or just a maneuver that's not worth it?

We've all been there. You want to make the community happy and their opinions satisfied. Which is fine, right? Isn't that morally correct? Isn't that what democracy is? If you believe something is beneficial for the community, go with it. Try explaining why you believe that to your community. It will be hard to get your point across but you should try your best nevertheless.

Remember Discord's logo and colors rebranding? So many people hated the approach Discord was going for. Well, look how it turned out. There were websites made to "bring back the old blurple". Imagine if they had actually reverted the changes.

Audience VS Community

Image by tribe

Your direction of communication is different in an audience, and community too. Generally, a community is set to be a subsection of a larger audience. For example, the audience of Discord. Everyone enjoying the content of Discord is an audience member.

Where as, these audience members may form communities of their own. Say for example, the Discord Server Builders form a community for, and comprising of, obviously, Discord Server Builders. There may be other communities within this audience too. The Discord Bot builders, and those completely separated from the Discord-niche, like artists or dancers. Depending on the platform, in this case Discord, these communities, may too, exist in the audience of Discord.

That's all.

Hope you enjoyed today's article. Comment your thoughts below and I'll see you tomorrow.



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