Top 5 Powerful Moderation Bots To Keep Your Discord Server Safe

Discord Jun 10, 2022


As their tagline says, it is indeed A Discord Bot — Done Right. It has everything I look for in a simple yet powerful moderation bot.

First, Sapphire looks stunning by itself. All commands, emojis, and the bot itself is designed beautifully if you’re going for a professional look.

Second, it has great unique features that are rarely seen in other bots. You can create custom slash commands, drop-down information menus, and a lot more.

But the most important aspect for today in this article, is its moderation module. Which, it nails in doing.

It has some powerful moderation commands and everything you can ask for. Besides this, the bot also provides a great auto-moderation system to top it all off.

Overall, if you’re looking for something powerful yet simple to use (simple as in no yaml configuration), this is the bot to go for.


GearBot, a popular powerful Discord moderation bot known for its use on large servers. This bot is featured and recommended by Discord themselves for Auto-Moderation on the Discord Moderator Academy.

While it lacks a web-dashboard, this bot offers a ton of customizable and options so you can tweak every setting to perfectly suit your community.

I cannot get every command/module it has in one screenshot. Just know, everything you’d expect from a powerful moderation bot, GearBot has it. It looks really good, and the features are smoothly polished. You would have a good time with it.


If your server has multiple positions for staff (helpers, trainee, mod, senior mod, admin, etc) this might be the most convenient. Auttaja offers first class features like verification, moderation, auto moderation filters, and can even block VPN users.

Overall, Auttaja offers amazing moderation commands and auto-mod filters. I specially like this bot for the amazing utility features.

Zeppelin (private)

Zeppelin is a private moderation bot for Discord, designed with large servers and reliability in mind.

If you have 5000+ members or a partnered/verified server, you are eligible to add Zeppelin to your server. This is a very powerful bot designed with large communities in mind. The bot offers multiple “plugin” that you can enable/disable and tweak every single aspect of it.


Gaius bot is yet another bot mentioned and recommended by Discord themselves on their DMA articles.

In terms of moderation abilities, I think Gaius is a super powerful bot.

The modules looks powerful, cool flow in the commands, overall a great choice for a moderation bot.

That’s all for today!

What moderation bot do you use for your server? Let me know — here!

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