Post Malone Created A Discord Server To Talk With His Fans

Discord Jun 29, 2022

Popstar, Post Malone, surprised his fans with the announcement of the new official Post Malone Discord server on twitter.

Austin Richard Post, known professionally as Post Malone, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Known popularly for super hit chart-busters like Sunflower from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and rockstar ft. 21 Savage.

A few hours ago, Post Malone tweeted this:

Announcing his love for his fans and suggesting that Discord could be a fun place for all of his fans to talk some sh*t.

As of writing this article, the server has gained over 11,000 members and 68+ boosts since the tweet. You can join the server by clicking here.

Post’s official Discord account is postmalone#4261 — of which, of course, friend requests and DMs are off. There are no messages from Post so far in the server, however he did boost the server twice from his Nitro subscription.

Live QnA with Post Malone

There’s going to be a special live Questions and Answers event hosted in the server (date unspecified) and Post Malone himself is going to be in it.

To submit a question, you have to be level 5+ in the server.

The original tweet by Post was replied to, by Discord itself saying:

The server seemed to have existed since June 1st, while announced on 28th. The first message from a human user in the server is by JLawMcGraw who does not seem to be a mod or an admin. They also boosted the server 19 times — two of which, were done before Post himself.

More Celebrity Discords

This isn’t the first time someone famous created a Discord server for their fans. Popular internet personality and artist, bbno$ had created a public Discord server for his fans long ago. The server is called baby no server.



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