In-built Video and Image Editor on Discord?

Discord Leaks Sep 26, 2022

From a recent post on the official Reddit page of discord, we came across some snapshots of discord’s survey that generally focuses on collecting user reviews and feedback. Some particular questions stirred people's minds into guessing, Discord might introduce an inbuilt Video Editor!

Let's hop into it!

In the first place, and perhaps most importantly, these forms are designed in such a way that they are able to quickly collect a broad spectrum of ideas at an incredibly rapid pace, being very interactive at the same time.
They sort and prioritize them later and plan features for us. So just because something popped up in a feedback form doesn't necessarily mean that someday we could see an inbuilt media editing option.

A survey collecting ideas about some editing tools that users might find intriguing | Source 

But yes, Discord is indeed curious about the audience's opinions on these tools.

Another feedback form bringing up the topic of in-app editing provisions | Source

A second user shared a screenshot showing Discord, attempting to understand their audience and their workflow.

Sharing media on a phone is a bit hectic, if we are being honest since navigation on phones is not as fluid as that on a computer. To trim a part of the photo you might need to process it through your inbuilt or third-party editing app, then either upload it from your gallery or open discord and select your upload file.
The same holds true for screenshots on phones. Drag and drop is simply not possible.

How, is this beneficial and for whom?

This will be beneficial for phone users since it will significantly contribute to their flow of work. Discord's inbuilt capture tool can be used to click pictures and instantly edit them before sharing.

I don't use the phone's capture function because there's always something I need to crop out while sharing media.

A video editor would also be a handy addition for users of smartphones, and even desktop users, for there could be a clip you want to remove while sharing. To be able to trim it out? Sounds good!

A Personal Opinion.

There is no doubt that this would be a useful addition. This is because it is completely optional, as long as it is not locked behind a paywall, oh yes I am talking about Nitro.

At this point, there are too many features that are being held back for normal/free users. At least this feature could be available to everyone.

Regarding its possibility of becoming an inbuilt tool in the future, that cannot be predicted from just a survey. Nevertheless, we love analyzing every leak or sneak peek that comes from Discord, and that's what excites us.

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