Paywalling Your Discord Server: All You Need To Know

Guides Nov 17, 2022

Paywalling access to your Discord Server can be a great way to gain some extra income alongside your regular occupations. But, to be successful, there are some tips you must know to ensure your paywalled server is successful. I assume you're here to hear these tips so let's get into it!

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Use the Correct Website

Imagine going through all the hassle of setting up a paywall, only to realise the site you chose doesn't support a key feature you want.

It's in this scenario that I would recommend using as their advanced featureset will not leave you feeling hungry and wanting more. Whop really is the best platform for creators serious about building a profitable community!


If you are a regular viewer of PC or Tech Review channels on YouTube, you may hear them mentioning Price-To-Performance a lot. In essence, they are referring to critiquing a product, and seeing if it really provides good value for money in return for the features you get. You may be thinking Epic, how the hell does this apply to Discord? Well, let me explain...

When choosing upon the price for your paywalled Community, you need to make sure that it is good value for money. Users will not want to pay a high price like $200 per month simply for access to 1 chat channel.

You need to think on the features your server has to offer, and decide what you think a reasonable amount to pay for them would be.


Maybe your server pays monthly for Premium versions of Discord bots for upgraded functionalities. Say, for example, you spend (hypothetically) $50 a month on these Premium bots. By paywalling your Discord server, you are essentially running a business trying to make a profit; hence, we need to think about profit margins.

Going back to the $50 per month for Premium bots, if you set your price to $60 per month, it means that even if one user pays in that month, you still have enough to cover the bots. I'd recommend to think on it as Profit = Income - Expenditure.

To have a high profit value with a high expenditure, you need a high level of income. This leads me swiftly onto my next point...


To achieve these high levels of income, you need to advertise your community and get the information out there to the masses. If you have a high following on YouTube or Twitch (or any social media for that matter), advertising is second nature to you.

However, if you do not have these high followings, is a great tool for advertising your server. After setting up a paid Server, Whop has a whole Discovery page that your server will be added to. Whop really is focused on helping you to grow your paid communities and make them the best they can be so you can earn the most possible.

As I frequently say, Whop is the best tool for creators serious about profitising their communities!

Lil Epic Sub-Note

I'm sorry this article wasn't up to my usually exceptionally high standards. I didn't have enough time to write it due to personal issues arising during the time I set aside to write. Hope you enjoyed the article nonetheless, but for now, Epic out ✌️

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