Discord Development Teams Can Now Get Shared Revenue Payments

Discord Jan 12, 2023

Discord has recently released a new and exciting feature that allows Discord Creators to monetize their Discord server using Server Subscriptions. Discord creators can now create content on Discord and get paid for it the official way.

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Discord Server Subscriptions Feature

Discord servers can now monetize their community using this feature by selling partial or full access to certain exclusive channels and roles. This feature allows server owners to set up a subscription-based model for their servers, where users can pay a recurring fee to access exclusive perks and benefits.

With Server Subscriptions, server owners can set different subscription tiers with varying price points and benefits. For example, a server owner might offer a basic tier with access to the server's general chat and a few emojis, while a higher tier might include access to exclusive channels, special roles, and additional perks.

The revenue split between Discord and the server is 90:10. That means for every $100 you make from your Discord server, you'll keep $90 and Discord will keep $10. For now, to enable Server Subscriptions, your server needs to meet the following requirements:

  • The server owner must be based in the United States
  • Your server has a good standing with Discord, meaning no recent Terms of Service or Community Guideline violations
  • You must agree to our updated Monetization Terms and Server Subscriptions Policy

Discord Teams Feature

Discord's Teams feature allows for the creation and management of smaller, more focused groups within the Discord platform interested in the development side of Discord. To create a Discord Team for your Discord Bot or Server, head over to discord.com/developers/teams

These teams can be used by a group of people working together on a project or venture, and each team member is granted admin privileges for anything that is owned by that team. This allows for the efficient and organized management of Discord apps and monetization features. However, it is important to note that team membership should be limited to only trusted individuals, as they will have access to sensitive information and tools.

The Teams feature is an essential aspect of Discord's platform, as it allows for the better organization and collaboration of users. It also allows for the delegation of responsibilities among team members, making it easier to manage and operate Discord apps and monetization features. This feature is particularly useful for businesses, school projects, or gaming teams. It provides a more efficient and organized way to communicate and collaborate.

It is important to note that when creating a team, it's essential to only invite trusted individuals as members. This ensures that sensitive information and tools are only accessible to those who have been vetted and have proven to be reliable. This feature is available for servers with at least 250 members and it's expected to be widely adopted among users.

Revenue Sharing From Subscriptions

The question arises, how will it be decided who gets the revenue that is generated from the Server or Bot Subscriptions. Well, according to Discord, Discord Teams can now be set as their Payment Team to which all generated Revenue will be sent to.

From Discord Datamine

Additionally, the revenue sharing system will provide an incentive for developers to continue updating and improving their bots, as all the members of the development team will now be able to earn their fair share of revenue for their work.

Discord has not yet announced when the shared revenue payments feature will be available for everyone, but it is expected to be available in the near future. In the meantime, bot developers and server creators can start planning and developing their bots to take advantage of this new opportunity.

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