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Sessions Might Be Coming To Discord

Discord Jul 17, 2022

One of the best things about Discord as platform is that it is available to everyone on all devices: mobile, Windows, Mac, Linux, and even web browsers. With multiple devices, it can be a little difficult to manage your Discord sessions.

You probably logged into your Discord account on your Mom's phone and now want to log out of it before she goes through your chats. Or maybe you are just curious how many devices your account is logged in. Perhaps a hacker or an unauthorized login has been made without your consent? In these cases, this "Sessions" feature will come in real handy.

Here's what Sessions look like in User Settings.
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What is the Sessions Discord Feature?

This new Sessions feature will allow you to manage your current and other Discord login/activity sessions. This is where all the devices that your account is logged in in will show. It shows your current session, the device you're seeing this page in, and other sessions with all the other devices.

You have the option to Log Out of Session directly through this page. It shows the IP address of the devices and the last logged in stat. You also have a button you can click to log out of all other sessions at once.

+ AUTH_SESSIONS: “Sessions”
+ AUTH_SESSIONS_LOGOUT_MFA_MODAL_TITLE: “Enter Auth Code to Log Out Session”
+ AUTH_SESSIONS_LOGOUT_MANY_PASSWORD_MODAL_TITLE: “Enter Password to Log Out {sessionCount, plural, =1 {# Session} other {# Sessions}}”
+ AUTH_SESSIONS_LOGOUT_MANY_MFA_MODAL_TITLE: “Enter Auth Code to Log Out {sessionCount, plural, =1 {# Session} other {# Sessions}}”
+ AUTH_SESSIONS_DESCRIPTION: “Here are all the devices that are currently logged in with your Discord account. You can log out of each session individually or all other sessions.\n\nIf you see an entry you don’t recognize, log out of that session and change your Discord account password immediately.”
+ AUTH_SESSIONS_CURRENT: “Current Session”
+ AUTH_SESSIONS_OTHERS: “Other Sessions”
+ AUTH_SESSIONS_OTHERS_LOG_OUT_TITLE: “Log out of all other sessions”
+ AUTH_SESSIONS_OTHERS_LOG_OUT_DESCRIPTION: “You’ll have to log back in on all your devices.”
+ AUTH_SESSIONS_ACTIVE_RECENTLY: “less than an hour ago”
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What if an unauthorized user logs me out?

It probably needs your 2FA authentication via code to perform a logout.

What to do when you see an unrecognized device?

If you see a device here that you do not recognize, here's what you should do. First, log out of that session. Then change your password immediately so that whoever accessed your account with password can no longer login because the password is changed. If they logged in with your account token, changing the password will reset your token so they can't access your account this way either. Stay safe!

As this feature is very early in development, we cannot expect anything from the screenshots. However, since this is not a big feature it should stay pretty much the same. Either way, this is going to be very useful for all Discord users. Most of the platforms have had this feature since day 1, it's a shame we're only getting this now. Better late than never!

Where do you find these updates?

Discord Datamining is the source of all upcoming Discord feature leaks. If you wish to learn more about it, be sure to read this article by us.

Discord Datamining — The Source of Feature Leaks, Explained
Many Discord features are leaked before they are announced by Discord. One important source of information like this is through the Discord Datamining process.

Anyways, that's all for today. What are your opinions on this feature, Is it helpful or not for you? Let's talk in the official Discord server of Netcord.



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