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Discord is Finally Working on Raid Prevention

Discord Jul 12, 2022

Discord server raids are pretty common. There are many types of Discord server raids. However, Discord seems to be working on a system that is going to make dealing with them much easier.

With the new variables showing up in Discord Datamining, it is now safe to say that Discord is working on reducing server raids. They have been working on spam filters and mod tools of such for a long time but they haven’t really released much for raids that happen in Discord servers.

All New Discord “Report Raid” Feature:

All users in the Discord Canary client received their report raid button in all Discord servers. It is the one-click solution to instantly report raids to Discord.

Screenshot taken from RepBot’s Discord

Instead of being a one-click button. Discord has gone ahead and also prompted us to specify what type of raid the situation is. In my honest and personal opinion, this is a quite nice feature. It is going to help the Discord safety team to deal with the raid faster. They will know exactly what they are dealing with.

I think it’s also important for the members to know the differences between types of raids disrupting a server.

Raid Types: as classified by Discord

1. Spamming Channels:

It means that a single or multiple channels is being spammed large text messages in a short span of time. These messages are generally walls of texts copy-pasted from one another and sent in the channel.

This type of raid is fairly common across large community servers. But this is nothing to fear if you have a strong moderation team, and a robust automod spam filter bot, you should be good.

2. Spamming DMs

This type of raid has been going on a lot recently. It is where multiple users are DMed the same thing, usually a scam copy-pasta relating to Bitcoin. Of course, you should never fall for these.

3. Spamming Mentions

This is when one or more members rapidly mention a user/a role/or @everyone in one or more channels.

This is more common in Bot support servers. In many instances, even popular bots like Dankmemer, has been a victim of this type of raid. It is when a bot’s feature is found to have a loophole, allowing them to run a command in a exploitative manner, and making the bot accidentally mention the entire server. And not just once, once something like this is found, it doesn’t take long to get to the thousands.

4. Nothing yet, but new suspicious members

It is common that a bunch of no-PFP members will join your Discord at once. And the type of raid they choose to perform is either 1 or 2 or something else.

5. Changing the server and channel settings

At this point, this might as well be called a nuke. This is where one or multiple users have dangerous permissions and now are able to change you server settings or channel settings.

Final Thoughts

This is a great start to raid prevention tools. We cannot wait to see what new tools Discord will provide us with next. I certainly hope for tools that we can use ourselves to deal with raids. Or, something similar to Automod on Discord that would detect raids automatically and set a lock-down in the server. Let’s see what Discord has up their sleeves for next. Until then, keep reading Netcord.



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