Discord's New & Upcoming Profile Connections

Discord News Nov 7, 2022

Discord released new profile connections that you are able to connect with your Discord profile.

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Connections and Connection Details

Discord profile connections are something that we all loved to add to our profiles.

You can find User Settings > Connections, where you can add, delete and manage all connections.

You can activate the display of connection details for the current five connections. Discord provides Steam, Twitter, and Reddit as examples. If you already have a connection set up for these accounts, you will need to reconnect your Discord account to get the connection details.

Screen Shot about toggle connection details, provided by Winnie @ Discord
We have an article coming up later this week about how to display your connected account's statistics!

New Connection Apps

Discord recently released new social media that you can connect to your Discord profile. Instagram, TikTok, PayPal, PlayStation Network, and Epic Games are some of them. Discord also released connections to League of Legends and Riot Accounts. From my research, this is the first time Discord has posted a link to a game. to the platform. All of these feature updates for Connections are currently in beta and are not accessible to everyone at this point in time.


Discord introduced new connection features with the Digital Wallet and Money Management service, PayPal. It's as easy to connect your PayPal account to Discord as it is to connect anything else. There are no clickable links to your PayPal account in your Discord account; instead, you can choose whether or not the account holder's name appears in your profile.

Simply put, it appears like Discord is making it simpler to use the platform for payments. The inclusion of this relationship on your passport is also presumed. allowing Discord servers to assign you roles based on the connection to your account. Have no idea what we're discussing? Go on reading.

This connection (and more others) are a part of a bigger system called Passports for Discord accounts. Check out our article to learn more.

New Connections, Passport Verification, Explained
Discord Account Connections are about to get a massive update. Discord might change the idea of ‘connections’ to ‘Passports’ entirely.

Upcoming Connections

There are words out there new social media connections are coming to Discord as they are being rolled out to users across the world.

Here are a few of the connections we heard are coming to Discord accounts:


Yes, TikTok. It's already out for many users however there are still users who are yet to receive this connection.


Instagram connection is said to be in the works. Release date is undefined.


The odd one out but it is what it is.

Statistics in Connections

New information from sources reveal that social connections on your Discord profile will soon show statistics of your social-account (follower count, post count, etc) right on your profile. You will of course have the option to hide it.

We have more coming up soon about connection stats. Stay tuned!

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