New Connections, Passport Verification, Explained

Discord Aug 31, 2022
Discord Account Connections are about to get a massive update. Discord might change the idea of 'connections' to 'Passports'  entirely.

This will enable exciting new features both for you as a user and servers owners alike. It will open brand new possibilities for Discord servers and role verifications. More about it further into the article.

Paypal – new connections

Discord has added new profile connections that will be added and integrated to your Passports.

You can now connect your PayPal account to your Discord account. Users are a little confused as to how this is useful. Users are more concerned about their privacy for the Discord and PayPal account connection terms.

Connecting your PayPal account to Discord is as simple as connecting anything else. You have the option to toggle the account holder's name showing up in your profile; there are no clickable links to your PayPal in your Discord account.

It just seems as though Discord is making it easier to make payments on the platform. Moreover, it is assumed that this connection will go on your Passport. Allowing Discord servers to give you roles there based on your account's connection. No idea what we're talking about? Keep reading.

From various sources, new connections are being added left and right. You will soon be able to connect more accounts like eBay, etc. They added Riot Games account connection after removing League of Legends connections.

Account Passport

Your Passport won't literally be an actual passport. It is a special way to connect your Discord account with your social accounts to let server owners set special roles that needs this type of verification.

For instance, let's say you run a Discord server with thousands of members. Your Discord server is based... say Redditors. You have a special role for people with 1000+ Reddit Karma. You are not going to check everyone's account manually to confirm if they qualify for the role right?

Or perhaps you have a SubReddit for your Discord server, you would want to add roles to the SubReddit moderators by verifying that they own both the accounts. It is possible with Passport role verification.

This new feature will let users pick their own roles in this connective manner. You will be able to set roles with special requirements that can be auto assigned to people who qualify. YouTuber role for people with 10k+ subscribers? Possible.

You will not be prompted to verify your accounts on join. Neither will there be a built-in special menu to choose roles from. You will be asked to verify via passport verification after you try to open a channel that is restricted to a role that is only accessible through this password verification.

We have already written an entire article on this topic if you are interested to learn more about it in detail.

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Final Thoughts

We can't be certain of anything until this feature is out for everyone. Which could take a while. What are your thoughts on this feature? Would you find this useful? And are you a general member or server owner? Make sure to let us know.

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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