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Latest Discord Rate Limit: Channel Creation To 500/day

Discord Aug 8, 2022

Discord bot developers have just been reached out to by Discord reporting them a change regarding rate limits.

The Discord API is adding a new rate limit, leaving many users in confusion. Starting August 16, 2022, each Discord bot will be limited to create no more than 500 channels, per day, per server.

What are Rate Limits?

Rate limits exist across Discord's APIs to prevent spam, abuse, and service overload. Limits are applied to individual bots and users both on a per-route basis and globally. Individuals are determined using a request's authentication—for example, a bot token for a bot.
via Discord Developer Documentation

Learn more about Discord rate limits here:

Discord Developer Portal — API Docs for Bots and Developers
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NEW: Rate Limit When Creating Channels

Reddit user u/EXCORDO posted this picture in the r/Discordapp SubReddit.

Reddit Post

It seems that Discord has reached out to the bot developers with this special notification. We know this is an official notification from Discord because of a multitude of reasons.

The message states that Discord will be reducing its rate limit of channel creating of bots per guild everyday. It's unclear what the previous limit was, however, from 16th August, 2022, onwards, each and every Discord bot is limited to create a maximum of 500 channels, per guild, per day.

What does it mean for the Bots?

At first it sounds like a huge trouble for the Ticket management bots, modmails, the helpdesk support bots, and every bot that function with the creation of channels per guild.

Which, in theory, may be something to be concerned about if you have a server with a lot of channel-creation activity.

You should acknowledge the fact that all Discord servers are limited to 500 channels at max. You cannot have anymore than 500 channels in one Discord server at a time.

To get this rate limit in a server, say in a Tickets bot, your server would have to be doing extreme channel creation and deletion. Or, as Discord would like to see it, an abuse to the Discord API or spam.

Keep in mind that this channel limit implies to all channel types. There are many temporary channel bots out there that create a temporary voice session for a set of users. Such bots and systems would have to add stricter spam protection if necessary. Once it reaches 500 channel creations, it is done for the day. The limit will be reset the next day allowing your bot to create 500 more channels.

Once again that's 500 channels, per guild, per day, per server.

Will this change affect you in any way?

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