Must-Have Utility Bots For Any Discord Server

Discord Jun 16, 2022

Here are some of the best Utility bots that you need in your Discord server.


Suggester is a highly advanced Discord bot that handles suggestions in your Discord server. We all need feedback to improve, don’t we? Suggester makes it easier for your Discord community to share feedback in the most viable way possible. The features of this bot are out of this world.

Switching to suggester is easy, in fact you can import your old suggestions made via bots like CarlBot, Zira, UnbelievaBoat, and many more.

While it includes all things you’d expect from a suggestion system, it hits the sky by implementing features like Trello integrations. Your suggestions can finally have a non-Discord home for your staff team. It’s 100% up to you what you choose to do with your suggestions Trello board.

Read more about Suggester


This is yet another interesting bot that I am sure a lot of people would find helpful. The entire premise of this bot is to preserve activity of your Discord threads.

If you are familiar with threads, you may know that it may not be active always. Threads are locked behind a boost feature that makes it automatically closed if it fails to retain active for 1 day, 7 days, depending on your boost level. And in the early days of starting a Discord server, it can be hard to get and retain so many boosts. And on the other hand, because your server is new, it will not have many members to keep the threads active.

If threads a big part of your channels and you want them to open forever, use ThreadPersist. This bot will make sure your thread is open unless you choose to close it manually.

Very helpful!

Invite ThreadPersist

Reaction — by Auttaja Team

Reaction, a static self roles bot allowing you to easily set up drop-down or button self roles with completely customizable embed.

There isn’t much to talk about it unless the fact that it’s probably the simplest way you can make dropdown self roles in your Discord server. You don’t need a custom bot, or a high level 3rd party bot, keeping it simple the team behind Auttaja got you.

Learn more about Reaction and invite

RTS Bot — Real Time Support

This is another special bot that supports real time support to your community. The RTS Bot stands for Real Time Support Bot, and provides on-demand mental health/crisis resources. It has a library of resources available to individuals when they need it most, and can be accessed via Twitch and Discord.

The great thing about this project is that it has your community covered not only in Discord but in Twitch too. Visit their website for the invite links and guides.

This is a super helpful bot for your community to get people the help they need — mentally.

AMA Bot — Ask Me Anything

One of the best events any community/personality can host is an Ask Me Anything event. However, making the questions coming in can be a bit of a hassle. Luckily, AMA Bot has your back.

This bot is specially designed for AMAs to submit questions, have your mods review them via 2 separate queues and finally the great questions are for you to answer.

It’s safe to say that the bot was designed keeping large servers in mind where you’d have lots of questions flowing in. However, it doesn’t hurt anyone to stay organized even if you don’t have a huge server or community. Make sure you are having fun because AMAs a great way to connect with a community.

Learn more about AMA Bot

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