How To Make Money From Your Discord Server

Discord Nov 6, 2022

Discord servers are larger than ever before. Discord communities have come to point of being larger than 3 Million members being under a single digital roof. For servers of all sizes and topics and genres, there's a monetization possibility that could help you and your community.

Here's how to make money from your Discord server in 4 simple ways:

  • Sell Advertisements
  • Discord Paid Membership – for exclusive access & perks
  • Form Affiliate Relationships
  • Accept Donations
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1. Sell Advertisements

Everywhere we look – there's an ad. Real life and online, both have become flooded with ads. But it's something we have to accept, the internet runs on ads. The one thing Discord got famous for in the early days its its incredible capacity to function without a single ad on the platform.

However, servers on Discord over the years have found a new way to make a side income from their Discord community by running self-managed ads. This is specially useful and very common amongst the community owners of large Discord servers. If your Discord server has 10,000 - 100,000 Discord members, a lot of other large server owners or projects would be willing to pay you to advertise their community in your Discord server.

The method of advertising and payment structure is a mutual decision between both parties. However, make sure you don't sell out yourself too much and the form of advertisement follows Discord's Community Guidelines and Terms.

2. Discord Paid Membership – for exclusive access & perks

Charging members for exclusive access can be a great way to generate revenue off of your Discord community. A lot of people are willing to pay for priority support and access to private chats with exclusive people relating to the topic of your Discord server.

Luckily for us, there's already great membership access services for Discord like Whop with tons of basic and advanced features to set up the membership page your business needs. Whop is completely free to use, takes only about a 3% cut, and it has amazing features like free trial period, event logging, secure payments using Stripe or any Crypto wallet, membership types, analytics, conversions, multiple tiers, visibility, stock, and tons more.

Here's an article from me that can help you set up a pay to access channel in your Discord server.

3 Ways to Sell Access to Your Discord Server
Here’s how to turn your ordinary Discord server into a revenue-generating business in just minutes. Charging members for access can be a great way to generate revenue off of your Discord community and help cover costs for events, boosts, better bots, and more!

This method is best for anyone who's serious about building a profiting company and making it an income source professionally. And that too, for the lowest cost (basically free) amongst any other services. For example, Patreon takes an over 8-12% cut with nowhere as many community & membership freedoms.

3. Form Affiliate Relationships

Affiliate relationships with websites, companies, and businesses are the easiest way to generate passive income or revenue in Discord servers. The people on your community buys a lots of products online on a daily basis. Affiliate programs are all about you getting these products to customers. In exchange for you, there is a fixed rate per order or a percentage of the product's price is given to you.

Sounds perfect right? Tons of servers are already making use of programs like the Amazon Affiliate Program, NordVPN Affiliate Program more preferably NordVPN Discord Partnership Program, and more.

4. Accept Donations

This is by-far the safest option to earn some side cash while running  your community. However, it's not guaranteed to earn you as much if anything compared to the other methods shown in this article. Setting up donations can be as simple as creating a #donate-us channel and leaving your PayPal link there.

Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with Non-Paying Members

It's essential for you to provide appropriate value to both the paying and non-paying members of your community. Here are some tips to maintain a healthy relationship with both.

  1. Reinvest in your community. Host public events, run giveaways, just make sure you occasionally give back the community.
  2. Make sure paid options are add-ons. Do not take away the basic functionality of your Discord server like chatting, sending images, reacting to messages behind a paywall.
  3. 10 satisfied free members = 1 satisfied paid member. Unless you make your server paid-access only, there has to be a larger number of satisfied unpaid members for a part of them to convert to paid members.
  4. State your reasons for charging. They might be shocked to learn how much time you have spent on the server. Just stating your reasons for charging exclusive benefits can go a long way in maintaining honesty and gratitude. It could be for you to afford premium bots, or hire bot developers, pay for the staff team for better moderation, etc.

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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