The Largest Discord Server In History: Not what you might think

Discord Sep 14, 2022

Communities and brands have found a new home platforms over the years at the amazing platform that Discord is. Discord servers are often made for communities, people with a specific interest, fandom, culture, art, music, literature, study groups, hangouts, basically anything that you can imagine enjoying yourself in.

Discord servers are come in all different shapes and sizes, a simple friend hangout server may consist of 5-25 members, and communities could grow to the hundreds of thousands. All Discord servers come with a maximum member cap of 100,000 or 250,000 members limit. However, it is possible to go beyond that. You simply need to reach out to Discord support with a Server Member Cap Increase request.

The highest that most of the servers have acquired to increase their limit to is 1,000,000 members recently achieved by Valorant. It seems that Discord will refuse to increase members limits beyond this point for server management (and sanity) issues.

But this server went completely beyond every limit

Yes! There is this one server that broke all limits of Discord so far. It's pretty hard to believe there is a server right now – that you can still join – with over 2,000,000 members. You read that right, two million members in a Discord server. It's a feat not even dared by Discord before (getting into that in a minute).

So what is this server, you may ask? It's none other than Midjourney's Official Discord Server. They didn't achieve this by any fishy attacks or hacks on the Discord API to magically remove the cap. Discord definitely have to have approved this. And I don't think they second guessed themselves while allowing Midjourney to go beyond the mere 100k limit, or the 500k, or even the 1M limit.

Why Midjourney – why not Minecraft, or Roblox?

Minecraft is one of the servers that's been stuck in a flat 800,000 membercount for very long. It's so hard for anyone to get in unless someone leaves the server and there's space for you to join in that exact moment. Users have started flexing about being on the official Minecraft server because there can only be '800,000' flexers. Despite this Discord still haven't increased their limit.
This is why Discord let Midjourney get 2M members under one digital roof.

It starts with the premise of Midjourney itself. You may have heard about Midjourney over the past couple of weeks – if not, you must've been living under a rock. Midjourney is a popular AI art generation project that is accessible by anyone. The best part and what separates it from Dall-E 2 is that Midjourney has a great free trial plan for you to try the project out right now from anywhere in the world.

That's where Discord comes in. Midjourney functions on Discord. Basically Discord is the only way to use this one of the largest community-based AI art generation tool that literally won an art competition. Since the start of this project, people started making videos about. Even big names like Vox and Piximperfect made a video on Midjourney. Their reach encouraged loads of people to join the Midjourney Discord server.

Because of how popular and general themed this is, people who don't even have a Discord account created one just to join this one server. Because there was a free trial for every account, a lot of people who used up their free trials started joining the server with alternate accounts they just created.

How Midjourney is managing the pressure

The developers at Midjourney are smart and seemed all-prepared for this. They set up a custom grouping system where users are randomly picked for a Newbie group role which allows them to see 1-2 channels to try out the bot. There is not just one channel to try out their bot.

There seems to be 2 Newcomer categories. I, being a newbie and assigned to a 1/x number of groups, got access to room 22, 52, and 82 in both categories. Unfortunately I cannot view how many total channels, roles, and groups there without violating some form of Discord ToS.

But this is great. Instead of hundreds of thousands of member barging into one super fast chat, you are now grouped together to random channels in random groups with random people. For this reason general chats are also disabled for newbies and there are multiple. I am ready to bet that this server is out of new channels and has completely gone to the limit of channels in a Discord server i.e. 250.

Also, interesting fact about the server: no online member except for staffs and guide is shown on the members tab. How do you think they convinced Discord for that?

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles! If you want to learn how to make AI art on Discord with Midjourney:

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