Lamborghini Settles For Discord: Creates an official community server

Discord Aug 10, 2022

A brand like Lamborghini needs no introduction. Lamborghini, world famous italian luxury sports car manufacturing business, have decided to do something that's rather odd for an automotive company.

Lamborghini Needs A Discord Server, But Not For What You Might Think

Like thousands of other brands, Lamborghini has finally decided to create an official community Discord server. And our previous thought was partially right, it is indeed odd for an automotive company to create a Discord server.

Because they didn't. Let me explain.

The Discord server itself is very hidden, not many channels. Infact, the whole server consists of 4 channels in one category. And none of them are the type you could send a message in.

Despite the popularity of the brand, the Discord server only has about 3000 members. And yes, it is linked in their official website:

The Lamborghini NFT Project

That's right, Lamborghini have dipped their feet in the pool of the NFT market. Lamborghini NFTs, listed at, is powered by the new NFT solution for Blue-Brands called NFTPRO.

If you don't know what an NFT is, it's basically a digital asset/item stored on the blockchain. Every NFT is unique. Purchasing an NFT gives you the sole right to control that item.

They have created a limited time collection of these NFTs, only able to be bought for 24 hours. According to Lamborghini:

During one week each month, for eight consecutive months, we will drop a series of four NFTs.

Three collectable NFTs, available only for 24h each, are joined by an extremely rare edition of which only 63 will be minted; a nod to the genesis of Lamborghini’s 1963 foundation.

The goal is to complete the collection of the four NFTs each month:

• Collect all three unlimited NFTs and receive a silver puzzle piece
 • Acquire the rare NFT, in addition to the three unlimited ones, to receive a gold puzzle piece

The Lamborghini Discord Server

So yes, they did create an official community server. However, it was a little disappointing to find out it's not for the car-lover community but rather the NFT enthusiast.

The Discord server was created somewhere around the last week of July. Their first message in the server suggest that it might've been a server for Lamborghini as a whole. But the channels and the actual announcements say otherwise.

If you wish to join it:

For NFTs or not, Lamborghini is possibly the first luxury-motors brand to have their own Discord server. Plus, they did not mention anywhere that the server was built for the Lamborghini NFT community.

Here are some links that you might find helpful:

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Driving a Lamborghini is a defining experience. A heart racing adrenaline-fueled ride that thrills all of your soul. Allow us to now take you on new adventures with new perspectives that will stir your imagination. Through unique NFTs, you will experience different kinds of worlds that only Lamborgh…

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