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New 'Know What I Meme?' Discord Voice Activity Game

Discord Jul 19, 2022

Discord Voice Activities are special integrations made to Discord voice channels in which you can use special integration apps and games to participate in with VC members. Apps like YouTube in the 'Watch Together' activity and games like Poker are just a few examples.

In addition to this, Discord has finally released an entirely new game called 'Know What I Meme?' and today, you're going to learn all about it. This is the 14th type of voice activity integration made by Discord. And it actually sounds fun.

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Know What I Meme?

Know What I Meme is a social party game of GIFs and memes. 8 players can join the fun at a time but anyone can spectate the game. The lets you select a text prompt for the 'meme'. Every player has to go through their built-in GIF finder and find the most relevant and funniest GIF fitting the text prompt. The players will then vote on each other's GIF. The player with the funniest GIF and the highest points will win the game.

The GIF Picker

The game is integrated with a built-in GIF picker. You can search for, select and send your GIFs without leaving the game.

This of course means you will face some limitations with your GIF responses. Which is definitely for the better.

This integrated GIF picker will prevent you from sending just about any inappropriate GIF. Discord said this in their official KWIM article:

we may use certain content filters so some GIFs may not appear in the search results.

For more information Know What I Meme, read the official support article by Discord here.

How & Where To Play KWIM?

Know What I Meme? can be enjoyed by everyone and every server that have gotten access to Voice Activities. The best way to try out the game and other activities is through their official Games Lab Discord server. Join here:

Hop into an appropriate VC, click the Activities icon at the bottom left (It's a rocket!), choose your game and enjoy. On your first play, you may have to authorize Know What I Mean? Discord game to your Discord

Play KWIM? on your own server!

Alternatively, if you want to play Know What I Mean Discord game or any other Voice Activity in your own server/community, use this wonderful bot. Activities will let you start any activity by Discord in any of your voice channels!

The bot is also open source, developed by advaith1, so if you want to host a custom instance of it on your server, that is also possible.

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article! Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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