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Discord Bots Oct 20, 2022

Imagine being able to create a discord server with a click which is sharable and auto-destroys itself when you leave it. It's always been a hassle to wrangle groups of people into a single voice chat, you either need to friend them or invite them to a private server, well not anymore. is a tool created by Photo#1234 that lets you deal with all the aspects mentioned above in 3 easy steps. Let us hop into it!

The developer of the tool left a note at the end of the article, don't forget to check it out.
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An app that lets you create a disposable server. You create a party and join the server. It instantly connects you to a pre-made voice channel. The host is given the power to mute/deafen or even disconnect a user. These servers are also equipped with Discord Activities!

Individual users are kicked out of the server when they disconnect from the voice channel. The server itself gets destroyed when everyone leaves the voice channels.

How to Invite Others to the Party

Others can join your party by entering your party name on the Party creating page. If the party already exists it will prompt you to join it, otherwise it creates a new party. InstaParty also gives you a temporary URL, like:

You can also invite others by sharing the server’s invite link.


You create a temporary server by visiting and filling up the dialogue box with a proper party name.

Keep the name distinctive, don't go too generic to avoid confusion. You can use only -&_ among special characters. Since it's temporary you can also have a simple party name. In your case, I could have used "messy" instead of "Messys_party".

image 12.png

Having created a party you will be prompted to join either directly from the website or by using the discord invite link. The previous method, reducing steps, is more convenient.

image 13.png

As soon as you join the discord server, you will be connected to a voice named with the same 7-digit alphanumeric characters as that of the invite link. Make sure you stay connected to the voice the entire time since you get kicked out of the server if you disconnect. You can mute or deafen whenever you want. That's it! You just created your first Instaparty. The chat also logs when new users join the server and get connected to the voice!

Why Instaparty and for Whom?

  • With a voice and text channel, you can connect with others.
  • The server is disposable, you get kicked as soon as you leave and the server itself gets destroyed and all chat history gets deleted, when everyone else leaves! You don't need to worry about 12 idle servers cluttering up your server lists, we all hate that!
    You can reuse that invite link for a few hours until it gets destroyed.
  • Extra logins? Gunshots. An existing discord account, that's all you need, no other logins, no OAuth.
  • Your server might not have activities yet, but Instaparty’s servers do.

Instaparty can be a handy app for streamers who might have guests onboard, and might not want to talk on their public discord server. It also works well for YouTubers recording discord chat snippets for their videos. Maybe for an emergency meeting with a client, this app could be integrated into many websites for live customer care service.

A Note from the Developer

I built earlier this year, initially to solve a problem for myself. It was way too much work to connect with new people, in my specific case, teammates in Rocket League.
Since its launch, I (and many others) have used it for much more than its initial purpose. A few of the uses that stand out are tech support, study groups, important work meetings, and even introducing people to discord for the first time.
Unfortunately, I have not been active in developing new features lately, but I do plan to invest more of my time soon. The top priority is to assist users in connecting through directly, rather than directing them from elsewhere. Imagine a party finder to instantly connect people by game/activity/interest. I'd like to give a shoutout to the Instaparty community server for all their support! -Photo#1234

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