Prevent Raids Completely on Your Discord Server with These Bots!

Discord Jun 5, 2022

Raids. You know them, I know them. And we hate them. Here are some of the best Anti-raid bots for Discord that you need in your Discord server.

We hate raids. There are multiple types of it and none of them are better than the other.

Luckily for us, there are exceptional Discord bots designed to take care of raids on your community completely automatically.

Today I will show you 5 for the best Anti Raid bots that you need in your server.

Wick Bot — 257,000 servers

Wick is one of the most versatile Anti-raid/anti-spam security bots out there. It is highly customizable and besides Anti Nuke, Anti Raid & Spam, it can also manage verification, moderation, and a lot more.

One of the best reasons you should pick Wick is that it is friendly to no one. And I mean it in the nicest way possible. This bot is hostile to even your admins (unless added as trusted owner in dashboard) and co owners. Be prepared for a lot of configuration though keep in mind that once its set up well, it will not disappoint you unless you interfere with the permissions.

A unique feature this bot has is its “Quarantine” feature. If the heat bar goes too high for a user, the user will get quarantined wherein the user will not be able to do anything. All their roles will get taken away and they cannot view any channels either. This feature was made for admins with suspicious behavior.

Add Wick Bot to your server.

Beemo — 40,000 servers

Beemo is, simply put, amazing. This bot comes with a powerful antibot algorithm that runs in the back end of your community. It is used by a variety of large and small servers alike and it will keep up with your expectations.

However, we like to stay true on Netcord and one thing to note about Beemo is its subscription packages.

These all are great features and the basic anti-bot detection is free in its entirety. Other features might be something to consider as well.

Add Beemo to your server.

Security Bot — 190,000 servers

Security Bot is the most professional-looking bot that you can get in this category. Their website is amazing but of course, CSS beauty cannot protect our servers by itself, we need functionality.

Which, lucky for us, Security Bot got plenty of. Features like Anti Nuke, Verification, Anti Raid, Moderation, and a lot more makes this bot a fair consideration for your server.

Add Security Bot to your server.

4. AltDentifier

AltDentifier is one the very few bots that support third-party verification. You can have users verify by connecting their social accounts. Then again, this is an extreme level of verification that should be used sparingly.

This bot also comes with a great raidmode system that helps you prevent mass join raids easily.

Add AltDentifier to your server.

That’s all!

Did miss a bot? Let me know — here!

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