Creating Role Icons For Discord: 3 Easy Methods

Discord Aug 30, 2022
Here is how to create Role Icons for your Discord Server in 3 Easy Ways using free online tools and resources that you can use right now.

In a fairly recent Discord update, Role Icons were added for Level 2 & 3 boosted servers. But, many people still do not know how to create icons to be the best they can.  That's where I come in!; today we will be sharing some great resources to help instantly improve your role icon creation skills. Let's get into it!

I have 3 types of Role Icon Customisation to tell you about today: Absolute Premade, Customisable Premade and Ultimate Customisable. Yes, I get that these may sound like complete gibberish right now, but don't worry, all will be explained.

Icons Discord Server: Absolute Premade

These are free premade icons ready to be used as is.

Iconography is proven to be a great way of visually conveying information, through small, well-designed images called "icons".

A Discord server called Icons has emerged, and has loads of icons that you can use for any need: server emojis, icons in messages, or - today's article subject - role icons!

It's worth noting that should you choose to use any of Icons emojis for your own use, you must credit them in your server. For example, see below. 
Necessary declaration to permit use of Icons graphics.

Icons have created many emojis, using UI elements from Discord & Google, amongst others. They will definitely have something to suit everyone's needs, as their emoji-icons span over a whopping 6 servers.

A sample of Icons' images.

Owing to the fact that all you are doing to use these as role icons is saving the emoji file and uploading as your icon, you can't really edit them, unless you are skilled in Photoshop or other graphic designing software.

To find out how to save emojis, check out one of our previous articles, linked below.

Just make sure to select the Emojis folder as opposed to Avatars that Roonie used in the tutorial

How To Download Assets From Discord in Highest Quality
In this article, I’ll show you how you can download any asset from Discord. This includes assets like someone’s profile picture, profile banner, and also server icons and banners. Basically any image or SVG icon you see in the UI, can be saved to your hard drive on your computer.

Interested in checking out Icons? Find them here:

Discord Icon: Customisable Premade is a brilliant option for those looking for role icons with minimal effort required. is a site with a library of customisable role icons.

You can choose from a library of 50 icons, most of which are based off of Discord icons.

You are then able to tweak the colours and change the shape on the site to match your role in question, and see a live preview in the left hand corner.

Finally, you have the option to Export your new icon to a .png file, ready for uploading to Discord.

Note: Like Netcord, is NOT affiliated with Discord in any way. 

Discord Icons is a really quick and simple way to make icons: I highly recommend checking it out.

DIY: Ultimate Customisability

There's one slight problem with the two methods above: they both only have a fixed set of icons. Well, what if they don't meet your needs? That's where one of the best ways to create role icons come into play: making them yourself.

There's a wide variety of softwares you can use for this; Adobe (Photoshop or Illustrator), Canva, Figma, Pixlr or Kapwing Editor.

Speaking of Photoshop, we have an article later this week about how to enable Discord Rich Presence statuses for Adobe apps! Stay tuned for that 👀

If you're new to Graphic Design, we have a great selection of articles here on Netcord to help you out. You can find them all in one place here

Graphic Design - Netcord
Everything related to graphic designing can be found here. From resources, tips and tricks, to full tutorials.

Struggling for inspiration? Google have put together a library of every icon used on their platforms. You can download them in .svg and .png filetypes to use in your own icons.

Material Symbols and Icons - Google Fonts
Material Symbols are our newest icons consolidating over 2,500 glyphs in a single font file with a wide range of design variants.

And now you know 3 easy methods to create Discord role icons! Happy creating, and I'll be back with another article on Friday, but for now, peace ✌️

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

What's your favorite way of creating Role Icons?

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