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How To Grow Your Discord Bot

Discord Aug 6, 2022

There is a Discord bot–probably much more popular than yours–for every category. When a user google's for a Discord bot, they will find the bot they are looking for, instantly. If the bot is exactly what they want, they will not bother looking for another anytime soon.

Now, the slim chances of people finding your bot through a search engine, like Google, is where SEO comes in. We will talk about it in detail further into the article.

Your Bot Identity

Before starting to advertise your Discord bot, make sure it's ready for the public. Run a couple of stress tests with a Beta testers team to actually see if it can hold up the pressure. Make sure your code is finalized, fully polished, and no 'under construction' commands.

For people to be interested in your Discord bot, you need to solve a problem. The problems that your bot can solve for Discord users or server creators is directly proportional to how much the bot will be used.


Make sure your bot:

  • does a job better than an existing bot
    For example, creating a better Ticket system, or a Modmail system. Going with this approach is significantly harder. People will not easily choose to switch to your bot.
  • is an original idea, no other bot can do what yours can
    This approach will help you grow your bot fast but it's not easy to come up with such ideas for a bot.

    With this idea you are basically creating a solution for a problem that doesn't exist.
  • similar concept to other bots but different purpose
    There isn't much to a moderation bot. However, because of the way Discord bots work not all bots may fit to every aesthetic. Sure, they will work but they may also ruin a certain aesthetic.

    For example, for an Anime-topic server, they would much prefer a bot that fits their 'anime' aesthetic. A professional bot with corporate-style logo will function just fine, but a lot of people like me care too much for the aesthetic.


Make sure your bot's branding is original, pretty, and true to its purpose. A right branding for any products (even Discord bots) will make it significantly easier for you to grow it.

Ease of Use

Don't overwhelm the user as soon as they invite your bot. It's predicted that every 1 out of 2 users are going to temporarily add your bot to a server, try it out, then immediately kick it.

Make sure you provide the value you promise, and keep it simple enough for all Discord users, young and old, to figure out.

After 2020, a lot of businesses and NFT projects are moving to Discord as their community platform. These businesses are often run by people over the age of 30, who have a hard time running the social medias. Especially Discord. That's why 'Discord Server Management' is such a demanded job for the businesses on Discord. I have seen people charge hundreds of dollars. And this is just for managing Discord server, this does not include other social platforms like Twitter or Instagram.


Bot listing sites

The first and foremost marketing goal is for you to rank on Google. If you don't have a website for your Discord bot, or even if you do, one of the best ways to rank on Google is through bot listing sites.

Sites like (recommended for #1 rank) and open a whole new platform for users like you to advertise their bots for free and general platform users to find bots on various different categories.

These sites rely on the bot's Vote count. Votes are temporary points anyone can give you every 6 or 12 hours. The vote counts will determine how much the bot is advertised by the website's algorithm.

This is an excellent way to reward the voters with whatever goodies you might want to give out.

Custom Website

This is a tough but rewarding process.

Recently, I partnered with a good friend of mine and an excellent bot developer to create a bot together. I handled the marketing and he took care of the code.

I created a website, learned SEO and implemented it on the website. The website now ranks in Google with just the bot's name.

Again, this is a tough process. It involves creating the actual website, buying a domain, hosting the website, and more. For starters, a page should be fine to rank on Google for your bot's name or query.

If you want me to write a comprehensive guide on creating an website and hosting it for free, let me know. Creating a website is actually much simpler nowadays.

Oversaturated Market

I've said it once, I'll say it again. The Discord bot market is kind of oversaturated in its current state. Rumors say Discord does plan to bring a native application discovery panel, similar to server discovery.

The giant bots with hundreds of people working as a team have covered everything you'd want in a Discord bot. That too, in an easily manageable web panel. Competition is tough. Specially when no user is being directed to 'indie' bots. All ranking articles on "best Discord bots" mention the same 10 Discord bots.

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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