All About Discord's Plan for Dropping Game Rewards

Discord News Sep 29, 2022

In a recent data mining commit, we picked up some very interesting additions to the project. As you may recall, the article we wrote the other day talked about Discord planning on dropping game codes in the same manner as Twitch does. We are now going to get a detailed overview of the rewarding method in this article.

There are no screenshots available for this one, but we do have a detailed description of what it is like. Here's what we have in store for you so without further ado, let's begin.

Jump Start: How to enable In-Game Rewards

Image showing the location of the option to toggle the feature on or off

Follow the path :Settings > Privacy & Safety > In-game rewards
The following option stays auto-enabled.

Available Gifts: Starting With the Notification Bubble

Source: Data-mine

First and foremost, we get a notification that there is a gift that is available for us to claim. We also get the expiration dates for the codes, all under your Gift Inventory.

Do Your Homework: Complete Tasks & Claim the Code

Source: Data-mine

In the next step, we are presented with what appears to be a prompt, listing available game titles as well as their corresponding tasks.

Among all other tasks we have undertaken, streaming for a given period of time (in minutes) appears to be the most common of them all. For instance, it is necessary for an individual to stream for at least "X" minutes on a VC with at least one viewer in order to be deemed an eligible candidate for the code of a specific game title.

In this task, there are a number of variables that may change. For instance, the number of viewers required for a game may increase, or even the amount of time required to stream may change.

Source: Data-mine

It didn't take them long to edit the commit in order to add some more information by linking to their official blog, which is yet to be released and is probably being updated right now.

Squeaky Clean: Modals in Use

Source: Data-mine

Several modals that relate to the drops have been updated with new titles and descriptions for their sections. Thus, we can conclude that the entire process of acquiring the code will be contained within a form that can be displayed in a modal window. In order to claim the code, the user should select the platform for which they intend to use it.

One of the most likely scenarios is that a single user will be able to select only one platform for each game they want to play.

Platforms for which game code will be dropped | Source: Data-mine

As well as reiterating the warnings related to confirmations of the fore-mentioned subject, we also get a sneak preview of the platform options that are currently available.

Feedback Patrol: Collecting Feedback

Source: Data-mine

The git repository received another addition within an hour, which appeared to be a feedback mechanism from the users who had turned off the Ingame-Reward's Options. In the commit, the users were thanked for participating in the program and asked for feedback, presumably as a prompt to the users.

Déjà Vu: Yesterday's Article

A sneak peek of a commit related to last day's article, Monster Hunter Skin, is also shown, and we are also assured that the game needs to be streamed for at least several minutes (we already know that it's 30 minutes in this case) in a VC with at least 1 more member, to acquire your code on any platform.

Discord is Dropping In-Game Rewards like Twitch
In a move that is sure to please gamers everywhere, Discord has partnered with Capcom to reward players for streaming Monster Hunter Rise on Discord.

Name Reveal: Not Tasks, Quests!

Source: Data-mine

The next morning, we get a better view of what the "quests" will entail. The rumour that Discord would soon introduce quests had been circulating for quite a while. In a way, they are more similar to a set of tasks that have to be completed before you will be able to access the gift codes. This is what we mentioned above. There are going to be a lot of them! Due to the fact that the commit mentions "Progress", we can assume these quests can also be tracked.

Last but not least, they added some information/tip about how the code could be redeemed.

Ending Note: Opinions & Conclusion

In general, I like the fact that they are converting free game giveaways into drops that include certain tasks as part of them. As well as engaging the audience, these tasks will help promote the game titles.

With such a pattern coming in, we can expect numerous approaching collaboration requests with discord, since they worked on making the system interactive and engaging.

Well, those were all the additions and updates to the git repository that seemed relevant to discuss in this post. There are a lot of updates that have been released by them in a short period of time on the fore-mentioned subject, making it difficult to make sure that all updates are being conveyed to the public by us.

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