How to Claim Free Discord Nitro From Tower of Fantasy

Discord Aug 15, 2022

Discord has brought out a new promotional offer for Discord users to bring you a free month of Discord nitro and other goodies. And this time, they're partnering with Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy is a new open-world MMORPG out now for PC, iOS, and Android devices.
Seen as a direct competitor to Genshin Impact, it too uses a gacha-based system to unlock unique combat abilities. There is also a huge exploration part in the game

The Offical Tower of Fantasy Twitter account announced a special collaboration with discord where every player gets 1 month of free Discord Nitro and gets to claim a special ToF avatar pack in the Discord Gift Inventory!

How to claim the Nitro!

  • Create your Tower of Fantasy account or log in to your existing account from pc or phone.
  • Play the game to level 6 to get the Nitro Reward
  • Once the offer appears, click or tap “Get It Now” or “Claim Nitro Offer”.
Note: This promotion is not available in the following regions: CN, HK, MO, TW, KP, VN, RU, IN, BE.
Nitro claiming page.

How to activate the Nitro:

  • Copy and paste the nitro promo link to your browser
  • Login to you your discord account from the web if you haven’t done that beforehand.
  • Confirm you're correct account and enter your payment details.
  • Note: You will not be charged until the free trial ends and the subscription renews
  • After accepting the subscription will be auto-activated on your account.
  • You’ll be converted to a paying Nitro subscription at $9.99 per month unless you cancel your subscription.

Are you an active Nitro subscriber?

You will be eligible to claim this Tower of Fantasy promotion and your current subscription will be replaced with the 1 month Nitro subscription, you will lose any features associated with your current subscriptions & will not receive a refund for any remaining value on your existing subscription.

Yes, you can share your gift code!

You’ve previously had a Nitro subscription on your Discord account and cannot redeem the Nitro subscription link.

No worries, you can share this link with a friend to use instead.
Don't be a fool to send them the link in the general chat! Use DMS. You can directly copy the promotion URL link on the new page and send it.

How to claim the special ToF Avatar Pack

After having claimed the nitro, you can head over to the discord Gift Inventory section and find the ToF Avatar Pack under Your Gifts.
Click Claim to get a redemption code that you can input in-game to get the following items in your mail:

  • SR Relic shard box
  • 8,888 Gold
  • White Gauze Eye mask

Don't panic if you don't get them immediately, they might take some time to appear in your gift inventory!

Don't want the pack? Share the code with a friend!

Join the Tower of Fantasy Discord server here.

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