Favorite GIFs Are Finally Coming to Discord Mobile!

Discord Leaks Dec 4, 2022

The known Favorite GIFs feature on Discord made its way to appear for mobile users of the platform. Here is everything you need to know about it.

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Over the last couple of years, some have requested so much to Discord to bring the GIF Picker feature to Android and iOS, and finally, Discord fulfilled it by bringing the feature to mobile.

Why was this attention-seeking?

According to our Discord users, taking part in conversations and expressing our opinions or our feelings is one of the key points of being on Discord. For this, the majority said it depends highly on GIFs to express the same thoughts easier and faster in a more efficient manner. This has never gotten boring and popular GIFs continue to be in trend.


Before this became public, Discord was working on the Android platform to bring up an emoji picker so that users could use emotes easily from a list of the same with a better view along with improving the search bar included in it. Later, Discord added a GIF picker and this greatly satisified users' appetites.

This is all because of a Reddit user who requested this feature a couple of years ago.

Gif picker on mobile plzzz from discordapp

And that's how GIF picker came on mobile.

Investing in expression. We understand that expressing yourself in conversations is a big part of talking on Discord, which is why we dedicated time to addressing these pieces in our mobile experience. This work began with our Android users, where we spent a bit of extra time polishing the emoji picker so you can see more emojis at once and experience a smoother search process (similar to iOS). Then for those moments when custom emojis don't cut it, you can now add GIFs to your repertoire. But we're not stopping there! We're expanding the number of ways you can talk and interact on Discord... stay tuned :).

Yet, Discord mentioned that the favorite GIFs feature will only work on the browser and desktop client, not on mobile, but promised to make it soon.

On November 24, it was found that the feature had made its appearance on the Android app. People starting to observe it on the Discord Alpha Client. This is quite promising now that it will soon roll out on iOS too.

If you don't know what are the various test build clients of Discord are, use the dropdown menus to learn more and that will help you get familiar with them. If you are familiar, then you can directly scroll to the end of the last build.

Click each toggle if you want to view  the details of the client in detail. There are three official clients of discord:-

Discord Official Client (Stable)

This is the Discord client we all know. The majority of users use the stable version of Discord. It is aimed to be totally stable (hence the name), so that the general public can use Discord bug-free (well, that's the goal). It is totally open to the public, and you can easily download it from their official website.

Discord Beta

Public Test Build (PTB) is another name for it. This version is available at https://discord.com/download; simply scroll down to find it. This version is similar to the stable version, but you may get early access to features before they are officially released. The PTB version generally contains more bugs than the Stable version, however this should not prevent you from using it normally.

Discord Alpha

For those feeling a bit more adventurous, Discord Alpha, commonly known as Discord Canary, is a very early test build. This version gets features much sooner than the PTB version. It is mostly used by testers to find bugs and loopholes and then report them to developers so that they may be fixed before the release to Stable. Canary is the most unstable of the three and has a yellow icon rather than a blurple one. Download links for the Canary and all other clients can be found here.

  • View a GIF and star it on mobile. (A star filled with a golden color means it is starred. If you only see an outline, it is not starred)
  • You can now use the GIFs repeatedly and find them easily using the favourite GIFs feature on mobile

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