What’s that Padlock on my Channels? A Quick & Easy Fix only Pros use

Tips & Tricks Oct 7, 2022

So, after reading our article earlier this week, you've just added Wick v5 to your server, and are setting it up.

But, by locking channels to only the Verified roles, all your public channels now have an ugly padlock on the channel icon.

Never fear, Epic is here with another tutorial! Today I will be showing you how to remove the padlock and restore your channels to their former glory! Let's jump straight into it!

Cause of the Padlock Icon

So, as you can see there, public channels like Suggestions & Feedback have a padlock icon next to them. This is because the server owner has set the @everyone perms for that channel as Read Messages - Denied.

Server with the Padlock Icon

When you deny @everyone the View Channel permission for a specific channel, that is when the padlock shows up on the channel's icon. This can be overcome with a few nifty tricks and knowledge of the permissions allowed for each individual role.

Removing the Padlock Icon

Removing the padlock is simple, we just need to play around with some permissions in the Role Settings Menu.

After we've made our changes, the image below should be the result!

  • First of all, in Role Settings, navigate to the default permissions for @everyone
  • Find the View Channels permission
  • Toggle this permission Off - the switch should appear grey.

❗Make sure to do this next couple of steps quickly!! At the moment, no members can see any channels!

  • Find the role you give to Verified Members in the Role Settings Tab
  • Allow this role the View Channels permission - the switch should appear green.

By allowing View Channels to Verified Members but not @everyone, Discord seems to think on it differently and does not add the Padlock


if @everyone role has view channel perms, and is disabled for 'verification protected' channels, the padlock shows up. It's ugly and personally, I think ruins the aesthetic of the server.

The Verification Channel

Please remember to make sure that unverified members can still see the verification channel!

The ideal permissions for your channel where users verify themselves would be as follows:

@everyone: View Channel, Read Messages, Read Message History

Every other permission not on this list above should be assumed to be denied.

Verified Member: no permissions are necessary. Make sure, however, to add the role to the list for this channel, but deny every permission.


That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss this topic further or suggest new articles! You can even apply to join Netcord's Writing Team! I'll see you over there 😉

Epic out! ✌️

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