Discord Will Now Tell You When Your Server is Getting Raided

Discord News Dec 24, 2022

Discord have just made massive moves in continuing their plan to eliminate the need for third-party bots. This time, it's goodbye Wick as Discord add support for Raid Notifications.

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What Is Considered Raiding On Discord?

Raiding is when a group of people coordinate to join a Discord server to cause trouble by spamming the server’s voice and text channels. Usually, raids are coordinated by streamers or other online groups to create entertaining content for their audiences. However, sometimes, people who have issues with the server can raid with malicious intents. Discord have made some changes to ensure that detecting raids is a breeze, and these people can be put in their place. Let's take a look at these changes today.

Is Raiding On Discord Allowed?

Simply put, Discord doesn't allow raiding; in reality, it is a direct violation of Discord's Terms of Service. Once raiding has been reported to Discord, they take rapid action to ban or limit the activity of the perpetrators of the raid.

How To Prevent Discord Raids?

There is a pre-built tool for this already. The best way to prevent Discord raids is to change the verification level of your server. There are four levels of verification for a Discord server. Click the dropdown menu to learn more about the different verification levels

Discord's Verification Levels

It's worth noting that these verification levels stack, so, for example, if you select Medium, users must be a member for at least 10 minutes and have a verified email address before being able to talk or interact.

  • None: this is the lowest level, and if your server is public, None does not come recommended by either Discord themselves or us here at Netcord.
  • Low: requires users to have a verified email address connected to their Discord account before being able to interact with the server.
  • Medium: requires users to be a member of your server for at least 10 minutes before being able to interact
  • High: requires users to have a verified phone number connected to their Discord account before being able to interact with the server.

You can also ensure you get notified of new raids through Discord's new Raid Protection features.

Discord's New Notification System For Raids.

This is the new way of accessing Discord's new Raid Detection area.

New Raid Detection Mode?

In Server Settings > Moderation > Safety Setup, you can find the new baked-into-Discord features for Raid Protection. Some of those features are old methods. But, if you scroll down a little bit, you can find the newly released feature.

New Raid Protection Section

The Raid Protection section of this Safety Setup is a new section. This is still in beta testing and there might be some bugs.

A new section has also appeared in the AutoMod section of your server's Settings that makes a nod to this new Raid Protection Feature.

AutoMod: Mention Raids

In your AutoMod settings, it is now possible to configure Discord to issue direct action when a user is spam mentioning someone.

The "Mention Spam" Section of Discord's AutoMod

If you check the "Enable mention raid detection" box, Discord will automatically send a message to your chosen raid notification channel whenever someone starts mass mentioning your poor server members. Raid notification channel you say? I hear your cries of "what the heck is that", so let's swiftly roll on to the next section.

What is Raid Protection?

In this section, Discord takes automated actions to safeguard your server from potential raids or other suspicious activity. By clicking the Manage Alerts button, you will receive a pop-up window as shown below.

Enabling The Raid Notification Alerts.

From here, you can select a channel to automatically post raid notifications to. According to Discord, each notification will contain information about the raid, including the time period, and an approximate number of join attempts.

You can enable the alerts by toggling on "Enable Alert" and all the notifications then will send to the channel you selected.

As we mentioned before, this feature is still in beta testing, and reporting a raid that Discord missed can help the developers to improve the raid protection section.

Final Thought?

In our opinion, this is a great feature for the future. To receive these kinds of notifications before, you would require a third-party bot like Wick. By adding this feature directly into Discord, it eliminates a potential barrier for a new user who may not know about security bots such as Wick. This means that raid notifications are now accessible to all, and can be of more use to more server owners and community administrators.

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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