Discord Tries Redesigning Mobile App, Gets Internet Hate

Discord Leaks Oct 30, 2022

Discord’s new mobile UI is an experiment that is currently being tested on a small number of users. The new UI is a complete redesign of the existing mobile app and brings it more in line with the desktop app.‌‌ The new UI is cleaner and more modern, with a focus on ease of use yet it fails to receive the fond of the masses and triggers UI designers across the web.

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It also introduces some new features, such as the ability to view all your servers in a list view, and the ability to view server statistics. Discord Preview tweeted a new UI experiment with a different grid view which isn't perfect but surely better than the current one.

Mobile users switched between core features using a navigation drawer which allowed the mobile apps to mostly replicate the desktop app’s UI. While the old navigation UI served early Discord users well, we realized over time that our mobile in-app navigation for accessing core features like the Quick Switcher had become unintuitive and hard to discover for new users.

It was really a necessity to add a navigation UI that made primary features easier for new users to discover while making secondary features still available to existing users.

The great thing about this Discord’s UI is that it is organized. However, having the layout super organized, leaves the product to feel and look a bit overwhelming to some users.

Additionally, servers that have a lot of channels with an amazing amount of notifications to them can appear exhausting to look at or even exhausting to check.

Possible Rollout?

One of the major factors of whether Discord Experiments gets shipped or make it to the public's device is audience reaction. From the experiment tweets, it doesn't look like the people are fond of this potential view of Discord. Almost no one can see this new view being the future of Discord on Mobile.

By Mobile, this goes for both Android & iOS. Since Discord uses the same libraries and development for both OS. This new view will not be on the rollout for users anytime soon – is our prediction. But who knows what really goes behind the scenes in the heads of Discord's Engineers.

There seems to be a lot of development still waiting to happen, it's just a matter of time if we'll be able to check out these new features on our devices when its on rollout.

Community Reaction

We struggled to find one positive comment about Discord's new mobile UI redesign experiment. Here's a glimpse of what the comment sections are like.

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