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Discord Leaks Jan 24, 2023

Discord are ever-changing the features available for Community-enabled server owners, and are always trying to cram as many features in as possible. They want users to have the best experience possible while using Discord, so will do their best to make as many tools available to them as possible.

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In today's article, we will take a look at the most recently leaked features, including Livestream Clipping, the newest Profile Connection and the exciting User State feature!

So, what are we waiting for? Let's go!

Livestream Clipping

It's a well-established fact now that you can share your screen to a Discord voice call. It's been around since I joined Discord, and that's at least 3 years ago now.

But, what if someone does or says something funny in that call and everyone wants to cherish the memories? There has been no way of capturing the moment; the workaround is to either screen-record entire calls, or ask them to do it again (but by then the comedic value is gone)

Well, this is where Discord's latest feature for voice calls comes in handy.

Simply press ALT + D (weird combination, I know - Discord are running out of shortcuts) to capture the moment. We released an article when leaks for Clipping first surfaced, so go and check out the article below (Thanks @Divmith!), so this latest leak highlights that Discord are proactively working on this feature. Exciting!

Source: GitHub - Click here

Clipping Article - 18th December 2022

Is Discord Going Back To ‘Gamer’ World With Clips Experiment?
Discord’s new experiment introduces us to a new clipping feature which allows us to capture certain moments in gaming and share with friends.

The Newest Profile Connection - Instagram!

@Divmith and @Roonie released an article here on Netcord on November 7th, 2022 detailing all the Connections Discord were adding and were working on. In that article, Discord was confirmed to be working on an Instagram connection with an undefined release date. Well, that undefined date has finally come!

Discord’s New & Upcoming Profile Connections
Discord released new profile connections that you are able to connect with your Discord profile.

Discord users can finally connect their Instagram accounts to their Discord profile to show off all the glorious pictures they take while going about their daily lives!

Source: GitHub - Click here

If you want to receive the latest Instagram connection, make sure your Discord client is updated to the latest version, and keep updating whenever an update is available.

Message Restrictions

Less of a community feature, but arguably one nonetheless. Leakers have reported that during a raid, Discord have started restricting the spam messages to make users' experiences more pleasant.

Source: GitHub - Click here

This feature appears to be - and this is my interpretation - that messages suspected of being part of a mention raid will be hidden for members, and only visible to moderators, so they can deal with it.

This, personally, is a great addition to Discord as it prevents the mindless spam of "RAID!!!! MODS RAID!!!!" from literally everyone in a Discord server when it gets raided. Instead, raids can now be dealt with quietly, peacefully, quickly and efficiently.

How does Discord know who is a mod though? Permissions of roles? Ah, no, this ties in perfectly to the next leak

User State

Leaks have come to light that users will soon be able to edit their User State.

Source: GitHub - Click here

What this entails, we are not quite sure, but we assume that users may be able to toggle on a Staff flag in a server, if they have permissions that correspond to being a moderator.

This flag may allow them to see information hidden to the public, like the silenced raids, and private staff channels. This could entirely eradicate the need for a Moderator role, if Discord take this in the direction I think they will, and set a toggle for a user to gain moderation permissions, as opposed to needing a role for this purpose.

Think how cool and easy it would be to hire moderators, and to give them their permissions simply by flicking a switch.

There are also toggles to confirm that a user is above the age of majority in their country, and therefore making them able to access NSFW content on the server.

But on the hindsight of these leaks containing both user and authorized personel (Discord staff settings), we cannot simply rule out that this visual setting may be for official Discord Employees.

Discord Employees have a distinct exclusive badge on their profile which shows the user account is managed by a employee on Discord. Perhaps this flag setting is for them to turn off their badge to go undercover as a regular Discord user. Which is a common activity done by Discord Staff in servers that have recently applied for Discord Partnership.

The information contained in this article is correct to the best of our knowledge at time of writing.

Well folks, that's all we have time for today. What leaked feature was your favourite? Make sure to let me know in the Netcord HQ Discord server, where you can share your opinions with like-minded people, suggest new articles and stay in the loop on all things Netcord! I'll see you over there, ^Epic! ✌️

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What leaked feature was your favourite? 

Make sure to let me know in the Netcord HQ Discord server, where you can share your opinions with like-minded people, suggest new articles and stay in the loop on all things Netcord!

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