Discord Groups vs. WhatsApp Groups

Discord Jan 17, 2023
Group chat is similar to chat features in that it gives you the ability to send instant messages to others in an organization.
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What Is Group Chat?

You can send instant messages to other people in an organization with group chat, which is similar to chat features. More specifically, the capacity to converse with a group of people is known as group chat.

When having conversations with multiple people, is a great way to overcome communication obstacles. Teams in your company can dynamically share information and concepts by utilizing a secure group chat platform such as Discord, WhatsApp, Telegram, and so on.

WhatsApp Group Chats

If you’re not already familiar with it, this is a group chat functionality provided by WhatsApp similar to a chat room. All messages sent to the group are visible to everyone else in the group, and group members can converse with one another. You can share locations, and send images, videos, gifs, stickers, and more to a WhatsApp group just like you can in regular private chats.

You can form as many groups as you like or join them, and each group can have up to 1024 members. The only people who have the ability to add or remove contacts for a group are the administrator(s) assigned to that group.

Discord Group Chats

A group chat created with a maximum of 10 members is called a Discord group. Without having to set up a Discord server or configure any channels, joining a Discord group is a great way to get close friends together via text or phone calls.
Most importantly, Discord servers and groups are different. A server can have thousands of users, whereas a group can only have 15 members. In addition, you need to be added to the group before you can join, but a server might have a link that allows anyone to join.

How Discord Groups Are Different From WhatsApp Groups?

Mainly there are a couple of reasons why Discord groups are different from WhatsApp groups.

Maximum Member Limit

If we take a look at the maximum group member limit in each platform, the difference is huge. According to Discord, the maximum number of members that can be in one group is 10. By comparing this to the limit of WhatsApp, it's a very tiny number.

Past Message History

If you joined a Discord group in the middle of the chat, you were able to see all the past messages from the beginning of the group. But with WhatsApp group chats, this is not possible. In WhatsApp groups, you can only access the content of the group that is added after you join.

Private Groups / Public Groups

On Discord, groups are private, and you can only join the group chat if the group owner allows it. Invite links do not allow public access to groups. Therefore, you can only join a Discord group chat if you are friends with the group owner on Discord.

However, you can join some WhatsApp public groups with an invite link. For that, you don't have to be friends with the group owner.

Final Thought!

In the end, both platforms are excellent and offer the best possible services to users. We identified the primary distinctions between WhatsApp groups and Discord groups. We hope you understood that clearly.

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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