Discord Voice Activities Explained

Discord Jul 31, 2022

Discord is experimenting with a new feature in voice channels. With this feature you can 'start activities' on Discord.

Believe it or not, with this feature, your Discord pals can even watch YouTube together in a voice channel. That is the power of activities. If done right, this might be a revolutionary update ever added.

Here's how to set it up, where to set it up, what activities there are, and more information. Here's everything you need to know about Activities.

Activities on Discord VC

Discord voice chat activities is a experimental feature that lets you play/start certain activities or games. With Discord Activities, you will be able to play these games natively within Discord VCs with the participants of the voice room.

Discord's Activities Introduction on YouTube

What exactly are Activities?

Activities are short, fun VC games you can play natively on Discord. The premise of these activities are different from one another and there are over 12 to choose from. Each have their own minimum and maximum players. Some are as simple as watching YouTube and some are competitive like Chess where each move matters.

How to Play Discord Activities Games

Initiating Activities is simple. Discord has added a button to instantly pull up a modal prompting you to select your game.

However, you cannot play any activities in your Discord server. Not yet. Because this feature is an experimental one, meaning that it may or may not make it to all the public servers, it is only available on a special Discord-owned server called Discord Games Lab.

Join DGL here: discord.gg/discordgameslab

Activities Bot

Actually, you can start activities in your own server. But you have to use a third party Discord bot. It is used in over 500k servers, including mine, and it works just as expected.

Invite Discord activities bot here:
https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=819778342818414632&scope=bot applications.commands

Important Notes

Only Available on Desktop Indefinitely

Activities are available only on Desktop and according to Discord, they have no plans on bringing it to mobile clients anytime soon. It is essential to have hardware acceleration to be enabled on your Discord client.

Latest Game 'Know What I Meme'

is available to be played. Read our article on KWIM here:

New ‘Know What I Meme?’ Discord Voice Activity Game
Discord Voice Activities are special integrations made to Discord voice channels in which you can use special integration apps and games to participate in with VC members. Apps like YouTube in the ‘Watch Together’ activity and games like Poker are just a few examples. Know What I Meme is the latest.

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