Discord's New Activities Feature Brings You Closer to Friends

Discord Oct 26, 2022

Discord also has an awesome feature called "Activities." Activities let you join or create games and other activities with friends on Discord. You can even join public games, or host your own private game and invite friends.

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There are a ton of activities to choose from, including:

  • Poker Night
  • Chess In The Park
  • Doodle Crew
  • Word Snacks
  • Letter Tile
  • Spellcast
  • Watch Together
Key artwork for Poker Night, Sketch Heads, Chess in the Park, Checkers in the Park, Land.io, Letter League, and Blazing 8’s.Poker Night: Give your Voice channel that Vegas high-roller vibe. 

So if you're looking for a fun and easy way to connect with friends, check out Discord's Activities feature. This is a great addition to Discord, as it allows users to connect with their friends in real-time and share their gaming experience. It also means that users can easily find people to play their favorite games with, without having to search through various gaming communities.

‌‌How to Start An Activity?

Look for the new Rocket Ship button in the Voice Channel to access new ways to spend time with your friends and communities. Starting this week, everyone will have access to begin two activities: Putt Party and Watch Together.

Rocket Ship button which lets you start a Activity

We'll launch Putt Party, for instance.

  1. Choose Putt Party.
  2. You'll be asked to authorize access to your account in a window that appears. To allow it, click Authorize.
  3. You might see a window asking for authorization to use your microphone or camera if you are using Discord for the first time. You can see and hear your friends if you click Allow.
  4. Once the game loads, you'll go to Park View, where you can see ongoing games. Under the boards, click Create Game.
  5. Select the looks you want for the board and the pieces. You can also decide whether you want the game to be locked or not. Locking a game will remove it from Park View, and players can't join without a table code.
  6. Click Create Game.
  7. Once the game starts and the map is set, click the game name located top-left of the board. This will display the table code for your game.‌                                                                      

The games are designed so that they can be played only on the Discord platform. However, it's still worth considering if they are downloadable in client or play them in the browser. It is possible for players to take part in all Discord games, both those built by the company and those developed by third parties.

The Activities feature is sure to make Discord even more popular than it already is, and we can’t wait to see how it is used by users in the future!

📝 If you to learn more about Activities, read the Official Discord Blog

Discord Activities: Play Games and Watch Together
Announcing Activities: a way to instantly enjoy shared experiences with friends, such as games and media, directly within Discord.

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