Actions Taken Against 1.05 mil+ Discord Accounts — 826k+ of Them Were Due to Child Safety

Discord Jul 1, 2022

With the first quarter of 2022 coming to an end, Discord released their transparency report of January to March, 2022. And this public data is quite interesting.

So with the latest Policy & Safety blog post and tweet by Discord, we know that Discord released their transparency report from January 2022-March 2022, the first quarter of 2022.

This article report includes some critical information about Discord’s account moderation, their reasons, their updates to policy and safety updates.

There were many concerning data given out in the report that many seemed to oversee, here’s what you missed. Also, many users are rivaling against the tweet. Top replies of the tweet are all from users who have had their accounts disabled due to false reasons, which seems to be happening too often.

Concerning State of Discord’s “Child Safety”

This chart below shows the category of the reason for disable of 1,054,358 accounts.

Source: Discord Transparency Report Q1 2022

A shocking 826,591 or 78.5% of all disabled accounts in this quarter were disabled due to Child Safety. Which likely includes underage users.

The concern for child safety on Discord is no news as there have been many instances of child-pornography being shared across Discord and many other illegal activities. Sexualized Content Regarding Minors (SCRM) is the single largest individual sub-category of accounts disabled within Child Safety, accounting for 718,385 accounts disabled and 22,499 servers removed.

The Ban-wave (User accounts)

Over the past few months, in the first quarter of 2022, many people seemed to have noticed that Discord has went on a “ban wave”. That is, banning users from their platform left and right. Because of the large scale of this execution, it is guaranteed that the system may accidentally terminate accounts of innocent users.

But, as we know, this resulted in the deletion of accounts of not just a few, but hundreds and thousands of users have had their accounts falsely disabled.

A fix to this situation would be get a better support system for Discord. A platform of this size should not rely on email support that takes weeks to get an answer from. Discord should increase their budget for support and get either live support in chat or bigger support team. It is fair to say that even if approx 75%+ of falsely reported accounts appeal their punishment, which obviously gets outnumbered by the spam reports and hacked account reports, appeals, and support.

Overall, 26,017,742 accounts were disabled for spam or spam-related offenses. This is an increase of 31% from the previous quarter, when we disabled 19,794,949 spam accounts.
— Discord

The following chart shows the appeal granted percentage of appeals.

Source: Discord Transparency Report Q1 2022

Server Bans

Discord have also reportedly banned servers from the platform for a multitude of reasons. In the given quarter, Discord removed over 40,000 Discord servers. Reasons include:

  • Deceptive Practices. Using Discord for the purpose of distributing malware, sharing or selling game hacks or cheats, and theft of authentication tokens is a violation of our Community Guidelines.
  • Exploitative and Unsolicited Content. It is a violation of our Community Guidelines to share or promote sexually explicit content of other people without their consent. Otherwise known as “revenge porn”.
  • Hateful Conduct
  • Identity and Authenticity
  • Platform Manipulation
  • Regulated or Illegal Activities
  • Self-Harm Concerns
  • Violent and Graphic Content
  • Violent Extremism

That’s all!

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