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Discord ToS in a Nutshell

Discord Aug 7, 2022

We’ve all been there. You’re in a Discord  chat with your friends and things are going great. Then, all of a sudden, someone starts spamming the chat with random gibberish. Or, even worse, they start sending NSFW content.

Inevitably, someone in the group reports the offending user to a moderator… and then you get kicked out of the chat for “compliance reasons.” If this sounds familiar to you, then you’ve probably run afoul of Discord’s Terms of Service.

The Discord ToS is a long and boring read, and no one ever really reads it. So, in this blog post, we are going to give you the TL;DR of the Discord ToS.

1. Don’t be a moron

This includes harassing users , or promoting harassment in a server. You may disagree with someone but passing negative comments, giving death threats, leaking personal information, that's a big no no.

2. No extreme NSFW stuff

We're not here to tells you how to live your life - but if you want to be in a server, please, for the love of all that is good, keep it PG. That means no profanity, no graphic descriptions of violence, and no explicit sexual content.

We're not puritans, but there are definitely some lines that shouldn't be crossed when it comes to chatting online on any platform. So whatever you do, just remember: when in doubt, leave it out.

3. Don’t be under 13

Because of anonymity of Discord accounts, young children are not allowed on the platform for safety reasons. The internet can be a scary place at times and Discord is actively trying to make it safer. However, it is with the terms of service that states you must be at least 13 years old or older.

This is an exception in countries that may have a different minimum age requirement for having online accounts. However 13+ is the globally accepted age limit.

4. Don't use self-bots or user-bot

Seriously, don't do it. You will get banned. We're not kidding. What are self-bots and user-bots, you ask? Well, self-bots are bots that are created and used by a single user to automate some things or grind some Dank Memer or OwO Coins. User-bots are bots that are created and used by multiple users.

5. Don’t Impersonate Discord Staff

Recently, there has been a surge of users impersonating Discord staff in order to scam other users. These scammers will often try to trick users into giving them personal information or money.

If you encounter someone who claims to be a Discord staff member, there are a few things you can do to verify their identity. First, you can ask them to provide their official Discord staff badge. Staff members will always have a badge next to their name that says "Discord Staff."

You can also ask them to provide proof of their identity by sending you a private message through the Discord app. Staff members will always have a green checkmark next to their name, which indicates that their account has been verified by Discord.

There you have it! The Discord ToS in a nutshell.

Miscellaneous terms

In addition to the main terms mentioned above, you are also asked to follow some additional rules. The following activities are against Discord ToS and should be avoided to keep your Discord account safe:

  • Modifying the Discord client or making changes to your Discord app. This includes using alternatives like BetterDiscord or BlueCord.
  • Using services that mean harm to Discord itself, yourself, or any Discord user.
  • You may use Discord's service content but in a controlled manner. You must acknowledge the fact that the content is an intellectual property of Discord and you aren't using it for commercial benefit.
We are not endorsed or affiliated with Discord. This is an unofficial guide to the Discord ToS. To read the original and valid Discord ToS, head over to

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