New Update To Discord's Code Syntax Highlighting

Discord Jan 15, 2023

The world of coding is ever-changing and new updates are constantly being made to make the coding experience even more enjoyable. Recently, Discord released a new update to its code syntax highlighting feature, allowing coders to make their coding experience even more efficient. In this article, we will explore the details of this new update and how it can benefit coders.

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For years, code-blocks on Discord have followed a certain theme based on Highlight.js – the syntax highlighting library used by Discord. However, a recent update to the version of this library and according to our sources, adopting a new syntax highlighting theme based on the popular "GitHub Dark" style.

A side by side comparison is provided for you:

This new theme is designed to offer easier readability and an improved experience for developers. This new theme makes Discord a great choice for those looking for a powerful syntax highlighting library.

The new update to Discord's code syntax highlighting feature offers many benefits to coders. It enables coders to easily identify the different types of code and make their coding process more efficient.

With the new update, Discord has added a range of new color schemes that programmers are more familiar with. Additionally, Discord also allows coders to customize their coding experience by allowing them to adjust the font size, line spacing, and other settings to their liking.

While it isn't exactly a new feature, the appearance settings on the Discord settings menu may come in handy for a lot of tech savvy people on Discord. For starters, choosing darkmode from the available dark and light color modes sounds like a good start. Next, the available font size scaling and text spacing settings can really make a difference. Additionally you can ctrl + / - to scale Discord up or down depending on your visual needs and screen real estate.


Highlight.js is a syntax highlighter written in JavaScript. It works in the browser as well as on the server. It works with pretty much any markup, doesn’t depend on any framework and has automatic language detection.

Highlight.js is a powerful syntax highlighting library that is designed to make coding easier to read and more enjoyable on the web. It offers a range of features, including customizable color schemes, font sizes, and line spacing, as well as a range of hotkeys that allow coders to quickly perform common coding tasks.

Additionally, the library also includes a range of text formatting options that make code easier to read and understand. With all these features and functionality, Highlight.js is sure to make the coding experience even more enjoyable for coders.

GitHub Dark

GitHub Dark is a popular color scheme in the coding community, and it has been incorporated into the latest update to Highlight.js. This color scheme is designed to make code easier to read and understand, and it also offers improved contrast between different types of code. Additionally, the color scheme also helps to reduce eye strain and fatigue, making coding more comfortable for developers. With its improved readability and contrast, it's no wonder why this color scheme is so popular among coders.

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