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Discord Is Adding A Built-in 'Soundboard' Feature

Discord Jul 30, 2022


A Soundboard is a fancy UI with buttons you can press that plays a specific sound. Soundboards are very common in the streaming world of Twitch, the voice chats of Discord, and the general gaming community.

With a soundboard, either physical device or digital software, you can assign custom audio files to be played on your Voice chat or stream to a specific button.

Soundboard but on Discord

Over the years of Discord and its perfect voice chat platform, many users have been using third-party fancy soundboard softwares. Which works fine, just as expected.

However, a common problem users face with these is that it's hard to set up. Especially when you don't know much about audio devices.

Feature Gallery

Here are a bunch of screenshot found from different sources of this upcoming feature.

Keep in mind that you cannot use this feature just yet. The feature is not out for public Beta. And for the exact reason, the content shown in the images may be different from the final stage of the feature in the future.

No need to Moderate Sounds

During the research of this, I wondered, if this feature ever goes public how would we manage to moderate unwanted sounds from a voice conversation.

Which is when I realised, the sounds aren't selected by the user. Instead, it is on the server to choose a few (10) sounds that all the members are limited to use.

On the perspective of a server manager, this is great news. I do not have to worry about people using NSFW content on voice chat with this feature. As a user, I will be limited to what I can soundboard in each server.

I won't be able to make my iconic VC entrance with constant vine boom sound effect :c

May be a Boost feature (Partly)

It makes sense for it to have a couple of free slots for all Discord servers. Like with stickers and emojis. But, to add more sound effects you have to have your server boosted to level 1, 2, and 3 to unlock more slots.

We can't tell for certain what more is going to be added to this feature or what's going to be taken out. We suggest you wait for it to be announced by Discord or atleast out for public Beta or Canary.

However, we do not suggest going out of your way and enabling experiments for your Discord client. Modifying your Discord client in any way is against the ToS of Discord.

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