Discord Forgot The Norwegian Flag – Adds It Later After Confronting

Discord News Dec 15, 2022

As part of Snowsgiving 2022, Discord added Avatar Decorations for Nitro subscribers for a limited period. As a collection of which, they added frames of gift boxes representing the 3 countries Denmark, Sweden, and Finland by their flag colours. We are unsure if this was intentional by Discord, but either way, they added 3 Scandinavian countries. There's 4: Norway was missing...

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What Actually Happened?

Snowsgiving 2022 is now underway, and Discord wanted to do something nice and give Nitro subscribers exclusive early access and a sneak peek at the upcoming Avatar Decorations feature. They added a bunch of cool Christmas themed decorations to spice up your profile for the festive season.

The gift boxes (or presents, depending where you are from) had colour schemes that - whether coincidentally or not - looked really, like really, similar to the flags of Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

The famed gift boxes. | Top-Left: Finnish flag, Top Right: Swedish Flag, Bottom Left: Danish flag

Many users were quick to notice this, and the Norwegians were outraged!

u/DjuncleMC noticed this first, and made a post (seen above) on r/discordapp. Their post received great deals of attention from the community, and was even seen by Discord's developers. So, how did Discord respond to the outrage of the Norwegians?


After taking notice of this Reddit post, a member of Discord's Engineering & Product team - u/tutturuu to be exact - posted a comment saying Discord's behaviour was not of the standard they expect, and that he will provide a fix quickly.

Just a few hours later, the original poster u/DjuncleMC makes another post.... The new Norwegian gift has been created!

Discord's engineer then posted another comment to the original thread, informing people that the fix had been deployed.

He also gave us a long speech in Norwegian, which, just for you dear Netcord reader, I pasted into Google Translate. I also got several Norwegian friends to verify the translation was correct, so apologies for any mild technical inaccuracy!

Norwegian English
Laksefisk norge, vi beklager at vi ikke har tatt med Skandinavias mest lakserike land i vår første lansering, jeg har løst dette. Vi tar grep for å sikre at laksen blir respektert i overskuelig fremtid. Salmon Norway, we apologize for not including Scandinavia's most salmon-rich country in our first launch, I have resolved this. We are taking action to ensure that the salmon is respected for the foreseeable future.

I'm still not sure why he's talking about salmon, but hey, there you go. We're also not sure of what these "actions" are that they're taking, but hopefully they mean Discord in on the path to becoming a more inclusive platform!

The Whole Thread

Below, you can see a screenshot of all the interactions that went on, and how this potentially lethal situation was resolved quickly and calmly by Discord.

I think great customer service skills were demonstrated here by Discord! They quickly resolved to the uprising soar of media noticing they're fault and, even then, they responded calmly and with extreme professionalism! Props to tutturuu!

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss this topic further, or even suggest new articles! Epic out!

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