Side Profile View for Discord DMs is Coming

Discord Oct 25, 2022

In a recent post on r/discordapp, we saw some screenshots of the new profile window to the right of Discord's direct message conversations. Discord developers might raise a new profile panel window to the DM discussions.

Let's take a look at this!

We all know there's a lot of white space in DM conversations. Discord finally decided to take advantage of this empty space.
Discord decided to make some changes and add a profile panel to the right of DM conversations.

u/iingot on r/DiscordApp

You can access this profile window by clicking the "View User Profile" button in the upper right corner of the DM conversation.

A screenshot posted by Lulalaby on GitHub

There will be a full list of information about the user, just like in a normal profile card. It is nothing special. Some say that Discord is too lazy to bring up an idea like this and place a whole Discord profile card there.

Source: Lulalaby on GitHub

Discord is currently working on making user profiles more customizable. I think that's part of the plan. Honestly, I don't think the Discord community is going to be hyped about the profile panel.

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