Discord Servers' Verified Roles, Explained

Discord News Oct 10, 2022

Lately, we got a sneak peek of the verified roles that were rumoured to start showing up with the role connections. The Passports recently got replaced with connections again and will probably be called Connections from now on. We got some info and screenshots regarding the role connections. Without any further ado, let's hop into it.

A Lots of Changes.

New, changed, and removed strings of changes listed in the Discord Datamine
New, changed, and removed strings of changes | Information taken from Discord Datamine

From the first few lines, we were also hinted at an upcoming connection-locked role regarding eBay. They will probably depend upon the positive and negative reviews of the user

Sneak Peak

Right below the customization and home tabs, we see a new addition called “Verified Roles”. As the name suggests they are going to be roles with condition(s) required. For example, if there is a Verified Redditor role, he needs to have some criteria fulfilled to successfully retain the role. Such a role might get taken back when the candidate is no longer fulfilling the criteria.

From the looks of it, it seems the roles are custom and varies server to server and they can be linked and locked with a list of available connections.

We found another instance of verified roles at NTTS, a popular YouTuber’s server. Where foster#7012 posted an instance of the verified roles that are being set up on their server.

Discord server with verified roles in-action | No Text To Speech

If you had been part of this server you will know that they always had a Creator and Server Booster Role and that was hoisted, too. The contributor could be related to Youtube. The icons displayed on the verified roles are also the same as the ones being used in their server recently. So it is evident that the roles can be customised. The icon used on them can be customised too, much like role icons.

Next, from the GitHub commit we also got a dialogue box screenshot which probably opens when one tries to apply for the role.

Applying For the Role

Getting a role with a special requirement based on Reddit account

As you see in the left bottom corner, “Manage Connections”, it is evident that they are going to stick with the name for now. Coming back to the main topic, Here we see two requirements highlighted in red, i.e., the user who took the snapshot either doesn't have a connection established or doesn't fulfil the conditions: “Must be a subreddit moderator” & “Must have at least 30-day-old account”

Later the user, Dziurwa made the connections.

Final Look

Connection confirmed pop up you see after connecting your account

It seemed this was a dialogue box from the connections tab from Account Settings but the line “The information will be used to verify your identity on the server” proved us wrong. It was a prompt within the server and probably privacy within the server. We can't comment confidently on this since we have limited info.

Seeing the commits, the last line seemed to be hinting at a similar situation tho.

It was also evident from this line that one role can have more than one connection as required.


I think this will be a great way to manage private channels and auto-allow people with the required set of connections to enter a confidential conversation. It will be helpful for the members concerned with the management of the communities.

We did get to hear many rumours about this upcoming update and seems Discord planned to release a lot of them together, Home, the community customisations and now the verified roles.

I can't be confident while I claim this, but a verified role might eventually come under community customisation since making a different tab for just a different type of role doesn't make sense. Too many elements on the channel list, even with dividers, will make it look cluttered.

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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