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How To Glitch Your Discord Server Folders & Make Them Look Nicer

Discord Aug 12, 2022

Discord server folders have been around for quite a long time. It was added July 25th, 2019 to be exact, as a way to help us organize our discord server list better.

However, not many people seem to know about this small glitch that completely overhauls the look of your server folders. Possibly making them more minimal, attractive.

Discord Server Folders

As soon as you make your Discord account, you tend to join multiple servers. These servers may not share the exact premise so you might want to organize them. For example, all the bot-support servers you're in could be added to a separate folder. The best of us even have a 'trash' folder where we keep our private servers or servers that aren't that important.

We have been offered a handful of options to edit our server folders. We can give them names and a custom color. We are able to move the folders around to arrange our hierarchy and have as many servers in each of them as we want.

How to get clean, minimal Discord server folders

The way this is done is with a glitch that may be patched soon. There are many inconveniences that we will discuss further in this article so keep reading.

  • Make sure your folder is closed - yes, you have to do this manually for each folder.
Image of how Discord folders look as closed
  • Double click on the folder – as it is closed – very fast
GIF of double clicking on a closed folder to initiate glitch

Once you get the hang of it, it is actually really simple. Let's get into more details with this glitch. Starting off, why do I think its a glitch and not a hidden feature in the first place:

It's a 'BUG' and not 'FEATURE'

I am pretty sure its a bug/glitch because when you do the same process but with the folder open. Double clicking fast on the folder when the folder is open changes the icon to how the folder looks while closed.

GIF of reverse folder glitch

Important Notes

  • Of course, the folders look great this way. You can use this while screenshotting your Discord client. This will make sure you don't give away what servers you're in.
  • This glitch is currently applicable in Discord Canary, Discord Desktop (stable) client, Discord Web browser client. However this is not possible in mobile devices.
  • A glitched folder will return back to its original look when you re-open the folder! I prefer to search my way to everywhere instead of clicking on the particular server. Open the quick search on Discord with ctrl + K. It's very useful, trust me.

Enjoy! : )

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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