Creating Subscriptions For Your Discord Servers & Bots: A Full Guide

Guides Nov 15, 2022

Monetising your Discord Server and Bots can be a great side hustle! It can provide you with never-before-seen levels of income for only a small amount of extra work! There is no downside to monetising your Discord server: it's completely within TOS and you make money off the platform! Find out all about monetising your Discord Creations today!

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Choosing A Monetisation Site

First off, we need to talk about how to physically monetise your Discord server. You need to be aware of the cut margins used on the most popular platforms. Using a site with a low cut rate, like will mean that you get to keep the most of your profits!

Profit Cut Rates for Various Subscription-Based Sites

Site Cut Rate
Whop 3%
Patreon 5-12%
Buy Me A Coffee 5%
Kofi 5%

We can see there from the table that Patreon (the most popular) site takes the largest cut. As a creator, you want to earn as much as you possibly can, so make the right choice. Choose Whop for the lowest fees on your own money!

Why Choose Whop?

Whop gives internet entrepreneurs (you!) powerful tools to crush it in all aspects of your business. We handle all the hard stuff — payments, customer insights, memberships, marketing, and fulfillment — so you can focus on what matters most: customers, community, and product.

They sum it up perfectly themselves! They provide you with amazing tools, and a great support team to help you get your selling page up and running smoothly! Let's get into creating a Whop page!

Step #1: Create a free Whop Account

Since Whop is the best choice for monetising your Discord Servers (and bots) due to its high traffic flows and low fees, I will be using it for the purposes of this tutorial. So let's get into it!. The first thing you want to do is to head over to and make an account by using the button in the top right corner.

Stuck? Simply copy my actions in the screen capture below. ⬇️

Step #2: Create your Listing

Next up, we need to create a selling page on Whop. To do this, simply click the "Sell" button in the top right-hand corner, or navigate directly to All we then have to do is follow the Onboarding steps:

  • #1: Create a new Community
  • #2: Add a Company Name & Optionally a Twitter. If you add your Twitter, Whop will automatically add your Profile Picture, Bio and a link on your page!
  • #3: Select the category that best describes your community or bot
  • #4: Choose your pricing! You can customise the currency, frequency and the amount itself. You can even make servers Free to Join or require users to own an NFT
  • #5: Input a Slogan and a Logo (if not your Twitter profile picture)
  • #6: Explore all the customisability Whop has to offer!
Pro Tip: Make sure to complete the Checklist to be eligible to Launch your Community on Whop and start Earning!

Step 3: Explore Whop & Customise

After you have created your community, make sure to explore the plethora of features Whop has to offer. It really is the most advanced tool to sell paid subscriptions to your Discord!

The wide variety of customisation available on Whop! The Discord tab is where you can add your server that you are selling access to.
Pro Tip: Make sure to set up your Server by naviagating to Settings > Discord > Add > Choose your server > Follow the steps in the Discord Redirect > Configure your Discord settings when redirected back to Whop!

Within your Whop dashboard, you can add Passes, change the perks of each, see who's paid for subscriptions and loads more. I'm really not exaggerating here, Whop has all the features you will ever need!

With Whop Bot in your server, Whop can automatically detect freeloaders (users in your server who haven't paid) and can kick them, see people who are banned from purchasing your Passes and much much m u c h more!

It is important that you really take your time navigating through Whop to make your listing the best it can be! Whop even offers a free onboarding call with a member of their team to help you learn about the platform and what makes a great listing!

Well, That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss Whop further; let us know what you created or even suggest new articles! Let me know if this article helped you to monetise your Discord creations, but for now, Epic out ✌️

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