Discord Shakes Up The Rule Screening Game

Discord Oct 22, 2022

We have all encountered it before. That popup you receive when joining a new server that asks you to read and agree to the server rules before being able to talk to other members.

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Any server admins will know that when configuring that popup, there are several unreleased options. Well, low and behold: Discord is finally doing something with that! And I am going to tell you all about it on this fine Saturday afternoon, so let's go!

Current State of Affairs

From introduction of Rule Screening up until now, Admins of Community servers (that's servers that have enabled all of the Community features) have been very familiar with this page

The Old Rules Screening page | Source: Discord

You could only select to add Server Rules to your popup and the other options being greyed out. Let's face it, people just tick the box without actually bothering to read the content anyway.

The new Rules Screening page | Source: advaith1 on GitHub

Well you box-tickers, Discord have added all those greyed out options. Prepare to be filling out Google Form style questionnaires to enter your new favourite server...

Manual vs Automatic Approval

As with the new system, members were automatically granted access to the server when they ticked the box. However, Discord have added a Manual Approval mode which required a staff member to manually approve your request.

Source: advaith1 on GitHub

As seen in that screenshot, you aren't even able to fully join until they approve your request. I imagine this could be some sort of Purgatory where you can't see any channels.

Short Answer Questions

Source: advaith1 on GitHub

Short Answers allow you to type in a question and members have a 300-character limit to type in their answers.

Some examples of questions for Short Answers could include :

  • Where did you hear about the server?
  • Who invited you?
  • Do you already know anyone in the server?

Long Answers

Long answers are similar to Short Answers, however the key difference is that users get more space to write answers.

Source: advaith1 on GitHub

This gives way to questions that require more detailed answers on your application, such as:

  • What makes you want to be a member of the server?
  • How is this server relevant to you?

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice questions give users a question and they have to select an answer from a pre-set amount of options.  

Source: advaith1 on GitHub

Some Multiple Choice questions could be:

  • Do you see yourself seeking a moderation opportunity in this server? (Options Yes and No)
  • Are you willing to be an active member of the server who is frequently talking in chat for the experiences with members and not just to grind for rewards? (Options Yes and No)

So there you have it folks; an insight into Discord's updated Rules Screening feature. This definitely reminds me of some of the question options from Google Forms, but that might just be me.

What do you guys thinks of this new feature? Let me know in the thread for this article over in the Netcord HQ Discord server (no forms to enter the server; yet... 😏)

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What are your thoughts on the upcoming Rules Screening features?

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